Guild Wars 2: How To Get Every Mastery Insight In Drizzlewood Coast

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  • Waterfall's Nexus Insight
  • Meditative Falls Insight
  • Camp Apex Insight
  • Vulpine Road Insight
  • Camp Cliffs Insight
  • The Frostveins Insight
  • Frost Citadel Insight
  • Northern Camp Insight
  • Falls Insight

Drizzlewood Coast is an area in the Far Shiverpeaks in Guild Wars 2, and serves as the main battleground for the United Legion and Dominion forces during the Icebrood Saga. During this Living World chapter, you will aid the four Charr Legions as they fight for survival against Bangar Ruinbringer and the Elder Dragon Jormag.

Throughout Drizzlewood Coast, there are nine Mastery Insights that you can find and claim, giving you important Mastery Points used to upgrade your special abilities. Let's take a look at where to find all nine Insights, and how to reach them.

Unlike other maps, in Drizzlewood Coast you can fast travel to areas of the map that the United Legions currently control, indicated by their blue outline. Simply click on the blue icon below the name of the area you want to teleport, and spend a few War Supplies to be airdropped above that location. Using this system, you can quickly move around the map, making it easier to get to each Mastery Insight.

Waterfall's Nexus Insight

From the Troop Quarters Point of Interest in Fort Defiance, head through the north gate to the bridge, then jump into the water below. Follow this stream east to the edge of the waterfall, where you can find the Waterfall's Nexus Mastery Insight.

Meditative Falls Insight

Once again, start at Fort Defiance and head across the bridge to the north. Take a sharp left turn at the end of the bridge and move across the top of the cliffs to the edge of the waterfall. You can find the Insight slightly upstream from the waterfall.

Camp Apex Insight

From the Base Camp Waypoint, head north slightly towards the large tree. Then, get on your Springer mount and ascend the left side of the tree, using the circular inlets as footholds. The Mastery Insight is found at the top of the tree.

This Mastery Insight can also be reached by airdropping to the Umbral Grotto, then quickly gliding to the tree.

Vulpine Road Insight

From the Wolf's Crossing Bridge, use your Springer to jump up to this Insight on the front left support beam. If this area is controlled by the Dominion, it will be swarming with enemies, so take care when approaching the bridge.

Camp Cliffs Insight

From the Archstone Coast Shoreline Dominion Camp Point of Interest, use your Springer to climb the rocky cliffs in the southwest part of this area. The Mastery Insight can be found near the top of this small mountain.

The Frostveins Insight

Start at The Bloodfield airdrop, then glide north towards the west of The Spire Point of Interest. Carefully glide into the icy stream below, and quickly interact with the Insight before you die to the Draining Cold damage from the ice river.

Frost Citadel Insight

This Mastery Insight can only be accessed during the Assault on the Frost Citadel meta event. During the event, you can find this Mastery Insight in the Frost Citadel, in the room where you destroy the Ruinbringer. Head up the ramp to the left of the entrance to reach it.

Northern Camp Insight

To get this Mastery Insight, either carefully glide down from the Frostvein Watch airdrop point, or climb up the wooden structure with your Springer in the Frostvein Dominion Camp.

Falls Insight

From the Forward Camp Waypoint, head south and get on your Springer mount. Following the path in the image above, climb up the rock ledges until you reach the Mastery Insight.

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