Guild Wars 2: How To Get Every Mastery Insight In The Crystal Oasis

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  • Amnoon Bazaar Insight
  • Glint's Legacy Insight
  • Imed's Grotto Insight
  • Old Amnoon Insight
  • Sanctum of Nabkha Insight
  • Sifuri Quicksand Insight

The first new map of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is the Crystal Oasis. As you explore the desert region of Elona, you may come across Mastery Insights that give important Mastery Points, used to upgrade things like Mounts or Gliding. Collecting all of these Mastery Points can be difficult, but we're here to help.

Having all four mounts unlocked will make getting to these Mastery Insights easier, but only the Raptor and Springer (with the High Vault ability) are required. If you have Advanced Gliding unlocked, you can obtain the other Mastery Insights without using the Skimmer or Jackal. Let's take a look at all six Mastery Insights in the Crystal Oasis, starting with the Amnoon Bazaar Insight.

Amnoon Bazaar Insight

As its name suggests, this Mastery Insight can be found in the Amnoon Bazaar. To get here, start at the Amnoon Waypoint, then head east outside the city walls. Take a left towards the stairs in the buildings, then turn left again, going up another flight of stairs. The Mastery Insight can be found on the roof opposite you; use your Raptor mount to leap across to the other side and claim the Insight.

Glint's Legacy Insight

To get this Mastery Insight, start at the Destiny's Gorge Waypoint in the bottom right of the map. Head north, then east towards the bamboo ramps all the way to the top, until you reach the ogre camp (Squaross Krall Point of Interest). Go through the opening on the left of the camp into the area with Branded enemies, then turn to the left around the cliff.

Move back down south so that you are looking back down on the bamboo buildings, then leap across the gap on your Raptor. Now, jump up the Branded crystallizations towards the wooden boarding until you get over the wall. Now, move south until you are underneath the wooden beams that make up the platform the Insight is on. Use your Springer to jump up the leaning wooden structure until you reach the Mastery Insight.

Imed's Grotto Insight

Starting from the Amnoon Waypoint, head west until you reach the water, then turn south towards the rocky island. Continue until you get to the small opening, then use your Springer to jump up the small rock wall. Get on your Raptor, then carefully leap to the rocks in the center of the water where the Insight is. This is easier to do if you use the Skimmer mount, but it is not required.

Once you've reached the rock formation, use your Springer to ascend to the top level, avoiding or killing the enemies here before claiming the Mastery Insight.

Old Amnoon Insight

This Insight is also found near the Free City of Amnoon. To get here, start at the Amnoon Waypoint and head west towards the docks. Continue forward and dive underwater, and the Mastery Insight will be just ahead on a broken pillar.

Sanctum of Nabkha Insight

To reach the Sanctum of Nabkha Mastery Insight, start at the Destiny's Gorge Waypoint, then follow the road north and then west through the Forged camp. Continue along the path until you are near the Southern Way Station, then turn south and jump across the gap with your Raptor. Head inside the cave, then look to the left at the broken staircase and use your Springer to jump up here. Follow the path until you reach the open area.

Now, head south along the sand dunes until you are just under the Mastery Insight. Use your Springer to climb the rock wall next to the tower until you can't jump higher, then glide toward the Insight.

Alternatively, you can reach this Mastery Insight by using the Jackal mount. Just before you jump down into the open temple area, use the Jackal portal on the ground to teleport to the first bridge, then immediately use the Blink ability to reach the bridge. Continue forward, then Blink into the second Jackal portal, which will teleport you to the higher bridge. Continue along this path to arrive at the Mastery Insight.

Sifuri Quicksand Insight

This Mastery Insight can be obtained by starting at the Amnoon Waypoint and heading north until you reach the pond of quicksand. Get on your Skimmer mount and simply glide across the sand to the rock island the Mastery Insight is on. Then use your Springer to ascend to the top part of the rock and obtain the Mastery Insight.

If you don't have the Skimmer unlocked yet, you can reach this Mastery Insight with the Raptor's Canyon Jumping ability. From the west side of the quicksand pit, face the lowest part of the rocks and quickly take two full-length jumps across the sand. This must be done quickly, as taking damage from the quicksand will dismount you. After reaching the rocks, the Mastery Insight can be found by jumping up with your Springer.

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