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By playing through Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, you will unlock four mounts through the story. These mounts will help you quickly move around the world and explore hard-to-reach places. In addition to these four mounts, you will be able to unlock the Roller Beetle.

The Roller Beetle was first introduced in Living World Season 4, and includes four steps you need to do to fully unlock it. It can be hard to know where to start when unlocking this fast mount, so we are here to help. In this guide, you can check out a complete walkthrough on how to unlock the Roller Beetle.

Playing Through Season 4

The first step that you need to do to unlock the Roller Beetle mount is to play through the story. This will unlock the first achievement associated with the Roller Beetle, titled High Roller.

To do this, you need to complete the Forearmed is Forewarned story instance within the Domain of Kourna. This is a long instance involving clearing out a fortress alongside your allies.

When this story instance is done, you will be at the Allied Encampment in the Domain of Kourna, and can begin the journey to getting a Roller Beetle.

From the Allied Encampment Waypoint, head north until you come to a small tented area. Turn left and proceed up some stairs until you come to another covered area with Gorrik, Taimi, and Blish.

Now, you just need to speak with Gorrik to begin the next step in this process.

Beetle Juice

The second step to getting a Roller Beetle is to complete the Beetle Juice achievement. Gorrik will ask you to retrieve 10 'medicines' for Petey, a Roller Beetle that he is standing next to.

Nine of these juices will be scattered around the map, and Gorrik will give you the tenth one once all of the others have been collected.

The juices are in groups of three throughout the map, so below, you can check out the three main locations for the juices needed. These items will be in caches but are not hidden, so you should be able to find them pretty quickly.

Kodonur's Crossing

The first three bottles can be found around Kodonur's Crossing. To get here, head north from the Apizmic Grounds Waypoint.

Number Juice
1 Unlabeled Bottle of Bubbling Liquid
2 "Dragon" Protein
3 Completely Legal Performance-Enhancing Serum

Arjok Farms

The next three bottles can be found around Arkjok Farmlands. You can get here by heading north from the Allied Encampment Waypoint.

Number Juice
4 Flask of Churning Liquid
5 210 Proof Rotgut
6 Calcified Megalodon Fin

Bitterfly Bayou

The final three bottles can be found in the Bitterfly Bayou. To get here, just teleport to the Apizmic Grounds Waypoint.

Number Juice
7 Bottle of Dark Smoke
8 Lightning in a Bottle
9 Untested Speed Serum

After collecting all the bottles of juice, head back to Gorrik and he will reward you with the tenth bottle. Now, you will need to start collecting again for the third part of your Roller Beetle journey.

Beetle Saddle

The Beetle Saddle requires you to collect nine items, but you will only need to search for seven of them. Once you bring these seven items back, you will be rewarded with the final two.

Unlike the previous collection, you are now looking for items that can appear all around Tyria. Below, you can check out all seven items, along with some tips on how to get each one.

Item Needed Where To Find It Helpful Hints
Inquest Beetle Notes Dropped by Awakened Inquest in the Domain of Kourna
  • You can find Awakening Inquest in Dabiji Hollows.
    • This is an area of the Domain of Kourna that holds a secret Inquest Lab.
Inquest Power Schematics Hack the Inquest equipment on the second floor of the Pogahn Bluffs Proving Ground
  • This is a hidden Inquest Lab built into the mountain at Dabiji Hollows.
  • Once inside the secret hideout, head up the red staircase and interact with either of the two Lab Terminals.
Shadow Creator's Seal Complete any Bounty within the Domain of Kourna
  • Bounties can be claimed from Bounty Boards, and completed with groups of other players.
Steam Power Coupling Dropped by Steam Creatures
  • You can find Steam Creatures in the following two locations:
    • Around the Lake of Lamentation in Lornar's Pass
    • Around the Thaumanova Reactor in Metrica Province
Plagued Struts Dropped by Inquest Golem
  • This can be acquired from the Veteran Mark I Golem that spawns near the gates leading towards Gandara in the Domain of Kourna.
Anomaly Spark Dropped from a Legendary Ley-Line Anomaly
  • Ley-Line Anomalies are events that happen in the following three locations.
    • Gendarran Fields
    • Iron Marches
    • Timberline Falls
  • With a Ley-Infused Lodestone, you will be able to see which zone will contain the next anomaly.
Mk II Power Inverter Dropped from Inquest Golem Mark II
  • This is a world boss that appears just north of the Old Sledge Site Waypoint in Mount Maelstrom.
    • You can check world boss times via the wiki to see when this event will happen next.

After collecting these seven items, return to the Allied Encampment and speak with Blish. Here, he will give you the Completed Saddle. Now, speak with Gorrik to complete this achievement.

Beetle Feed

Now, you are finally on the last step to getting your own Roller Beetle mount! For the Beetle Feed achievement, you will need to complete a collection of eight items; of the eight, you will just need to find seven of them.

Below, you can check out the seven items needed.

Item Needed Where To Find It Helpful Hints
Live Plague Scarab Complete "Trample scarabs with your mount to contain the outbreak" event
  • This is an event that occurs on the Western Front and Front Line within the Domain of Kourna.
  • To complete this event, you just need to use your mount to squish scarabs.
Plague Scarab Egg Dropped by Plague Experiments
  • Plague Experiments are an enemy that appears during the final part of the Domain of Kourna meta event.
  • If you participate in the meta event and kill the enemies that appear around you, you should be able to get the Plague Scarab Egg in no time.
Junundu Ichor Dropped by Junundu Wurms
  • This enemy is easiest to find within the sulfurous rivers in The Desolation
Hearty Beetle Slime Dropped by the Alpha Beetle within the Silverwastes
  • The Alpha Beetle is an event boss that spawns in the Far Silverwastes.
  • This will appear on the map, but be sure to join a Silverwastes party just in case others find this event first.
Desert Luciferin Purchase From Milin in the Domain of Kourna
  • You can buy Desert Luciferin from Milin with 50 Inscribed Shards.
  • This merchant will be nearby the Apizmic Grounds Waypoint
Frigid Wurm Goo Dropped by Cave Worms
  • Cave Wurms appear in Ntouka Pond within the Domain of Kourna.
Toxic Spider Yolk Dropped by the Toxic Spider Queen
  • This is a group event that can occur in the following two places within Kessex Hills.
    • Earthlord's Gap
    • Viathan's Arm

With all these items gathered, return to the Allied Encampment and interact with Petey the Roller Beetle. Upon doing this, you will complete Beetle Feed and be rewarded with your Roller Beetle mount!

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