Halo Infinite Crossplay Labelled "Unplayable" Because Of Cheaters

If a game has a multiplayer mode, hackers will find a way to exploit it. Halo Infinite’s is no exception as hackers began to break down the experience just days after the surprise multiplayer announcement.

The game has had a successful launch as both the multiplayer and campaign modes received high praise from critics and players alike. However, since the game supports crossplay – being available on PC and Xbox – it has now been labelled “unplayable” by some disgruntled fans who are tired of cheaters.

Fans have been voicing their frustration on Reddit with one post showing a player blatantly using aimbot and possibly wallhacks. What players are highlighting is the fact that the game also doesn't have any proprietary or third-party anti-cheat in place that can counter this problem, which makes the issue even worse.

Another post on Twitter showcased a player using the sniper rifle to land consecutive headshots without using aim-down sights. Clearly, the situation seems to be getting worse, and since the game doesn’t have an option to turn off crossplay, it's all the more frustrating.

343 Industries is tackling a few complaints already, at the moment – for instance, following criticism, the studio has begun implementing new playlists so you can get into the modes of your choosing rather than being lobbed in at random. Players also complained about the battle pass progression which 343 Industries continues to fine-tune with updated XP gains and challenge bonuses. Halo Infinite is in a beta state, after all. However, while some feedback has been constructive, the subreddit has been a hotbed for toxicity, going so far that moderators shut it down earlier this month.

343 Industries is already working to improve the battle pass, so it's only a matter of time before they start working on the hacker problem. Until then, there are certain ways you can limit what platform you play on. While it can't be outright disabled, ranked mode lets you limit who you play with by input. Selecting the controller option shapes your pool of peers and competitors to be more console-oriented, but this isn't a sure-fire fix – and it means you have to play in ranked. But, until a further update, this might be the best bet for avoiding hackers.

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