Halo Infinite Narrative Lead Aaron Linde Has Left 343 Industries

Aaron Linde, lead narrative on Halo Infinite and the architect of pretty much every piece of radio chatter you hear in the campaign, is leaving 343 Industries to work on "a new opportunity in 2022." There's no word on where or what this new opportunity might be, but it was apparently a "difficult decision" to leave.

"Bittersweet news to report: I'm departing 343 Industries to pursue a new opportunity in 2022," wrote Linde on Twitter. "It was a terrifically difficult decision; Halo Infinite will remain one of the proudest achievements of my career for the rest of my life. I'm so grateful to have been a part of it."

Linde thanked his colleagues at 343, the talented voice cast who elevated "our work in every single line delivery," and of course, the fans who bought and played Halo Infinite.

"I get squidgy talking about real s— on this stupid website so I'll leave it at that for now," "Linde concluded. "But I can't underscore enough how grateful I am and always will be. See you next mission."

Linde worked as lead narrative designer at 343 Industries from August 2019 until just now. On Halo Infinite, Linde "led a small team of writers in the planning, development, and execution of all open-world narrative content," according to his LinkedIn profile. That includes "over 15,000 lines of enemy and Marine chatter, over 100 radio drama-style audio logs, and ambient dialogue features like Glibnub, the Banished minister of propaganda."

Before working at 343, Linde was a senior writer at Bungie for five months in 2019 working on the Shadowkeep expansion. The short tenure might have something to do with the way Bungie mistreated its narrative design team as outlined in a recent expose. That said, Bungie has been working to amend its workplace culture, so perhaps that opportunity has something to do with Linde's old gig.

Or it might be something entirely new and we’ll just have to wait for Linde to tweet about it. Or more likely, update his LinkedIn profile.

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