Hand-Drawn Adventure Game Unfolded: Camellia Tales Examines The Folklore Of Jeju Island

Unfolded: Camellia Tales is a new hand-drawn point-and-click adventure game from indie developer Cosdots. The studio – based in Seoul, South Korea – created Unfolded to dive into the real-life history of Jeju Island through a fictional coming of age tale.

“Rooted in real-world events, Unfolded: Camellia Tales follows Herman, an aspiring young poet, as he navigates coming of age during a time of great historical strife and tragedy on Jeju Island, 1948,” reads the announcement from Cosdots. “Unfolded is filled with puzzles rooted in Jeju folklore and history, bringing a fresh direction to the classic Western point and click genre.”

Unfolded uses traditional point-and-click tropes to discuss Jeju Island’s tumultuous history. “I’ve been experiencing the culture and history of other countries through games since I was young,” said an anonymous member of the Cosdots team. “I always find it delightful to know the people around the world have so many diverse cultures and values. So I thought it’s my turn to return the favor and let them know about my culture and history.”

Although the game revolves around the true history of Jeju Island, the story of Herman is entirely fictional. You’ll follow the young poet as he deals with the arrival of soldiers on his island while navigating the challenges of adulthood – all of which is told through impressive hand-drawn animations.

Cosdots hopes that Unfolded: Camellia Tales will not only bring “an otherwise quietly forgotten tragedy to larger awareness – but share an unforgettable story with the adventure game community.”

Unfolded: Camellia Tales will include three chapters and is available on Steam. If you’re curious about the game, you can access a free prologue chapter before deciding if you’d like to make a purchase.

The title typically retails for $15.99, but you can currently find it at a promotion price of $14.39. The sale ends on March 31 – so check out the free prologue and pick up the full game before it expires on Wednesday.

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