Harrison Ford Has Been Cleared To Fly Again, For Now

Everyone’s favorite spaceship pilot slash real-life aviation enthusiast Harrison Ford has been given the all-clear by the FAA the Federal Aviation Administration) to get flying again, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The decision comes after Ford ran into some trouble back in April for mistakenly crossing a runway in his small personal aircraft while another airplane was departing from the same runway at Hawthorne Airport in Los Angeles–though there was no danger of a crash.

“Ford’s Aviat A-1C Husky crossed the western end of the runaway while another aircraft was taking off approximately 3,600 feet to the east,” according to THR.

He’ll be required to take a remedial “runway incursion training course” which is the airplane version of your basic driver’s ed class, but you can take it online.

This is actually the latest in a long line of Ford’s aviation misadventures. He’s been causing all sorts of chaos in the Southern Californian skies, including a mis-handled landing at John Wayne airport back in 2017, and a crash landing on a golf course that caused him some injuries and hospitalization back in 2015. If anything, we admire his willingness to keep getting back in the saddle.

No fines or penalties are being issued for the breach of rules this time. A representative for Ford explained that “The purpose of the flight was to maintain currency and proficiency in the aircraft. No one was injured and there was never any danger of a collision.”

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