Hearthstone Players Angry After Mercenaries Event Ends Week Early, Blizzard Just Says "Sorry"

Hearthstone is soon to receive its March of the Lich King expansion, but in the meantime, there was supposed to be a fun event centered around Rattlegore, a big skeletal beasty that’ll set the tone for a Hero class that’s all about summoning skeletons (and blood and ice, but we’ll focus on the necromancy for now). With Rattlegore on the loose, players had to complete ten tasks to capture him and also get two random Golden Rattlegore Portraits and 700 Mercenaries Coins.

In the most recent patch notes, the Rattlegore Mercenaries event was supposed to last until November 29, but that was recently updated to read November 22. This came about because players noticed that the Rattlegore event had suddenly disappeared yesterday and reached out to Nicholas "DeckTech" Weiss, associate writer on Hearthstone, for an explanation.

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