Henry Cavill Returns To Filming The Witcher Season 2 After Injury

It’s been a bumpy road for all productions this last year, but the relentless pandemic is no match for The Witcher season 2 crew. Filming has resumed after another Covid hiatus, and there’s also been word that Geralt of Rivia actor Henry Cavill has also returned to the set – after recovering from an injury.

Shooting for season 2 of Netflix’s adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s literary series came to an abrupt halt back in November, after several crew members tested positive for Covid. Shortly before the show’s festive break, Cavill sustained a hamstring injury – which was a second hit to the show’s filming schedule. The new year brings new beginnings, however, as reports confirm that both the crew and the actor have returned to set.

Fellow cast member Paul Bullion shared an image of a belated Christmas gift from “a friend” – which included a pack of Ginger Nuts and a bottle of Staropramen getting hugged by a ginger-haired elf – confirming that filming had resumed. In another report by Redanian Intelligence, it was confirmed that Cavill had also returned to set, suggesting that his holiday season was spent well-rested – no doubt gaming with an elevated leg. Bullion will play Lambert – a fellow Witcher and one of Geralt’s oldest friends – alongside Cavill’s titular role while the Kaer Morhen storyline continues to be filmed.

Cavill’s leg injury occurred when the actor was braving a 20-foot high assault course at Arborfield Studios. The woodland course also had swinging axes, according to reports, and it was unclear which part of this madness caused the actor’s hamstring or muscle injury. The accident was severe enough to warrant an ambulance, as the 37-year-old was visibly in a lot of pain. Luckily, Cavill made a speedy recovery and stayed in contact with fans throughout the Christmas period. He confirmed on Instagram at the start of the year that he had had a “major step” in his recovery – feeling confident enough to go for a run to work off any festive indulgences.

Netflix also gave fans a treat during its Six Days of Witchmas by revealing part of the script from the second season. Die-hard aficionados of the fantasy series were quick to notice the similarities between the script’s scene and the established short story A Grain of Truth – all but confirming that the show will dedicate an episode to this tale.

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