Here’s What AI Generated Pokemon Look Like

25 years of Pokemon and earlier this year, the 900th monster was revealed. That's right, there are now 900 Pokemon for you to remember everything about. Not just their names, but their types, move sets, in which game they debuted, and where they have appeared since then. It was tough enough remembering all that info for 150 Pokemon when I was eight, and I had a lot less room in my head being occupied by unimportant things like paying bills and how to do taxes back then.

What's sort of remarkable about there being 900 Pokemon is the ongoing ability of those designing them to keep coming up with new ideas. Only sort of because even in gen one, the way some of the Pokemon looked was hardly groundbreaking. Voltorb is just a Pokeball with eyes. Anyway, if those responsible for designing future Pokemon are struggling, perhaps it's time to employ the services of an AI.

If you're keen to know what an AI would come up with, then Max Woolf is on hand with the answer. Woolf showed an AI every single Pokemon created so far and then allowed it to come up with some designs of its own. As you can see below, with other examples included in the thread, the results are a mixed bag.

Some of the AI-generated designs are pretty cool and could easily pass as new Pokemon. There's one on the second page that looks a little like a regional variant of Gastly. Speaking of which, in a lot of cases it's plain to see where the AI has taken inspiration from. However, it's also plain to see why an AI can't be trusted to create the next generation of Pokemon without human input. One Pokemon has Rhydon's bottom half and some sort of Pokemon Picasso painting as its top half. Another just looks like Togekiss without its skin and feathers, something I will never be able to unsee after having it was pointed out on Twitter.

If 2021 has proven anything Pokemon-wise, it's that the franchise and everything that comes with it won't be going anywhere for a very long time. In fact, in a little more than a month from now, Legends: Arceus will kick off an all-new, very ambitious chapter in the Pokemon universe. It will also usher in some new Pokemon, or old ones depending on how you see it considering when the game is set.

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