Hijacked, The Best Call Of Duty Map, Is Supposedly Coming To Cold War Season 4

According to a reliable leaker, Call of Duty Black Ops 2’s Hijacked map will be added to Black Ops Cold War in Season 4.

This is according to TheMW2Ghost, a Call of Duty leaker and dataminer, who said that they are “90% sure Hijacked is coming [to cold war] next season”. The Tweet is framed like a quote, so it’s likely that TheMW2Ghost has heard this from another source, and trusts it enough to Tweet it out themselves.

Hijacked is one of Black Ops 2’s most beloved maps, and one of the most requested classic maps in the Call of Duty franchise. Much like other popular maps like Rust, this is mainly due to its close-quarters combat and small size, which make it much faster-paced than some of the more games.

Despite its massive popularity within the Call of Duty community, Hijacked has only appeared in Black Ops 2 and Call of Duty Mobile, although it also saw a futuristic remake as Skyjacked in Black Ops 3. This will mark its return to a more modern Call of Duty, although Season 4 is currently undated so there’s no guarantee of when the actual release will be.

TheMW2Ghost carried on to say that there, “should be at least one more surprise random remaster too (like Express)”. Express was randomly added as a surprise map earlier in the year as part of the Black Ops Cold War Reloaded, so it seems like another classic Call of Duty map will be added at some point during Season 4.

There’s a lot of options for what this surprise remastered map could be, with maps like Launch, Carrier and Radiation all being discussed as potential maps that players would like to see implemented in Black Ops Cold War.

It has previously been rumoured that one or two classic maps would be added to the game every season, with TheGhostOfMW claiming that they’d heard that this season’s maps will be Echelon and Standoff. Standoff is another Call of Duty Black Ops 2 map that is considered one of the best.

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