Hitman 3: How To Complete All Three Levels Of The Baskerville Barney Escalation

Alexa Carlisle has been dogging players since Hitman 1. So it stands to reason that her time has come in Hitman 3. As the self-installed matriarch of the family, she has helped guide Providence and played a huge role in subjecting the world to organized tyranny. Yet the Baskerville Barney Escalation takes its aggression on a secondary target; her family.

After players have polished off Alexa in a thousand different ways, it’s interesting to play an escalation that deals with her family members instead. The trick is that her family members are all on the first floor and they are never alone. So how does somebody make these deaths look like an accident? Buckle up for three levels, it’s a wild ride.

Level One


Did you catch a theme here? Poison and more poison. If you have the Sieker 1, your job will be a lot easier. Aside from that, emetic grenades and emetic syringes will be your next best friends. Starting off as the private investigator here will automatically put you in an outfit that everyone considers trustworthy.

The Mission

  • Eliminate Emma, Gregory, and Patrick Carlisle.
  • All targets must be eliminated in an accident.

Head downstairs. Thanks to your disguise, you will never have to worry about enforcers. You will, however, have to worry about how to get each target poisoned without anyone seeing the action.

Starting with Patrick in the library, he’ll have a maid in the room with him. The butler, Mr. Fernsby, patrols in this area frequently as well. So you’ll have to play it calmly. Wait until Fernsby is gone and the maid has her head down while she is sweeping. Then choose your favorite poison delivery device and let him have it.

Follow him to the bathroom, drown him, and stuff the body into the cabinet. If you don’t put the body away, it will interrupt any further potential drawings from occurring.

Next, it’s off to the sitting room where Gregory sits patiently while his wife, Emma, paces frantically. Gregory never gets up, so you’ll have to save either a grenade or a Sieker 1 shot for him, but Emma can be poisoned by any of the three poison administration techniques.

You’ll have to stuff the first of these two targets into the cabinet. The second target can be left there. Then find an exit and it’s off to level two! Not too tough, right? Just you wait.

Level Two


Start behind the mansion to save yourself a lot of walking distance. Also, scrap your emetic syringe for an emetic vial. Stash it in the bathroom as you’ll be going to the bathroom quite soon.

The Mission

  • Eliminate Emma, Gregory, Edward, Rebecca, and Patrick Carlisle.
  • All targets must be eliminated in an accident.
  • You must start in your suit and you may not change disguises.

Rats. Well, it was fun being able to go everywhere undetected while it lasted! That’s OK, it’s just going to require a little more tact and a lot more poison.

Hang to the right side when approaching the manor and then hop up through a broken concrete railing. There are two bodyguards on break, sneak behind them.

There is a hammer on their equipment that you can pick up without being spotted. Use the hammer to knock out the first bodyguard as he goes for a drink and then knock out the second right after.

Stuff them both in the crate.

The reason for doing this is that the bathroom is about to have too many bodies in it and you’ll have to toss bodies out of the window to hide them from other sick targets. These two will see the action take place unless they are incapacitated. Other guards will find these bodies, but they can do no more than haul the corpses away.

Hop into the bathroom and grab your stashed poison device. From here, you’ll be taking out the exact same three targets as last time, only taking additional care to not be spotted.

Rebecca is an excellent candidate for your poison vial. She goes into the trophy room frequently and takes a swig of water. Poison this beverage when the patrolling guard walks away, wait for her to take a sip, and drown her as well.

There are guards on either side of the main hall, but they are all facing away, so you’ll actually have a very easy time getting from the bathroom to the location of your fifth target, Edward.

Of all of your targets, this is the simplest one to take out. He constantly faces away and plays the piano. The housekeepers only occasionally check in on him.

Edward actually uses a different bathroom than the other four, but it’s unguarded and your masterful tactic of drowning a poisoned target in the toilet will not need to change.

After drowning him, that makes five targets, head to the exit just like before, and get ready to spice it up for the final stage of this escalation!

Level Three


The same loadout will do just fine.

The Mission

  • Eliminate Emma, Gregory, Edward, Rebecca, and Patrick Carlisle.
  • All targets must be eliminated in an accident.
  • You must start in your suit and you may not change disguises.
  • Once you eliminate one target, you must eliminate another target within 60 seconds.

The steps to this third and final part of the escalation are going to look nearly identical to level two with just a couple of minor tweaks.

After eliminating the two bodyguards, go down to the hearse and get rid of the two guards here as well. You can use the hammer to distract them or pick up the silenced pistol by the bodyguards to take them out.

Hide their bodies between the bench and the fence so no one finds them.

The reason you have to do this is you’ll now be subduing the first four targets instead of drowning them. If these guards are alive, they will wake up the target and it’ll be game over for you.

After these four are down, stack their bodies underneath the light fixture. Now go kill Edward by drowning him, as usual. Hurry back to this room and use your silenced pistol to shoot the chandelier down on the remaining four targets.

Exit the map and that’s a wrap! Congratulations on getting this head-scratcher done. England is never drab when you’re around, 47.

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