Hoarder Cracks Open One Year Old Egg On Stream (NSFL)

A Korean streamer going by the name of “kkyumingming” decided to keep an egg for a year before cracking the monstrosity open, gifting the Twitch world with one of the most unholy sights imaginable.

Kkyumingming, for some ungodly reason, decided to shake the spoiled egg for a solid 10 seconds, asking chat “Is this okay, really?” No mingming, it isn’t okay – but you did it anyways.

She then proceeded to crack the egg on a miniature bowl, immediately crying out in terror. After composing herself, she laughed maniacally and revealed the contents of the revolting substance contained inside the shell. It looked like some mixture of chocolate, peanut butter, and pure s***. Viewers were equally as horrified, the top voted comment on Reddit summing things up quite succinctly.

Nasty is the understatement of the year when describing the hellish concoction that was hidden within the egg’s corrupted shell. Unfortunately, there were some who seemed tolerant of the mess, specifically the Redditor “onionpopcorn” – whose name foreshadows their opinion on the egg’s immoral contents.

Most likely forbidden for a reason, onionpopcorn; It goes without saying that consuming the forbidden chocolate would not result in anything good.

Too add to the pure disgust created by the situation, another Redditor had a similar account in the realm of horrifying egg events. The story is the type to make you never want to buy eggs again, assuming the previous clip didn’t already do the trick.

Reddit user “Flintiak” expressed his immediate regret upon reviewing “GhostDoggoes'” unfortunate eggsperience (I’m so sorry.) Needless to say, we all hope to put this entire situation behind us. We’ve seen disgusting things on Twitch, such as the keyboards of Payo and Tyler1, but this might just take the cake.

Kkyumingming is a streamer that has seen steady growth lately, mainly focusing on charismatic “Just Chatting” Twitch content, sprinkling in League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Tekken 7 as well. Gathering over 1000 followers over the past few months, she seems to be doing well on the platform. We can only pray that she doesn’t continue to stream horrifying food-expiry related content going forward.

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