Horizon: Forbidden West Confirmed At PS5 Reveal Event

Sony and Guerilla Games officially announced the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn today during the PlayStation 5 reveal event. Protagonist Aloy returns in this open-world action-RPG called Horizon: Forbidden West that builds on the excellent combat and exploration of the original.

Rumors of an announcement were swirling after Aloy’s Spanish-language voice actor seemed to hint at the game on Twitter. It has been more than three years since the first game’s release in 2017.

The aftermath of the first game plays out here in spectacular fashion, with Aloy looking to save the new world as she knows it in Horizon: Forbidden West. To do so, she’s going to have to survive all kinds of vicious predators and harsh environments. It looks like some sort of plague is threatening far-future America, and Aloy is going to have to dive deep underwater, defeat powerful machines, and even deal with spectral dragons as she seeks answers.

Horizon: Forbidden West introduces even more robots (both violent and otherwise) and new items like scuba breathers that let Aloy take to the depths of the ocean where underwater cities lie dormant. Guerilla Games has definitely upped the ante when it comes to building on the gorgeous settings of Horizon Zero Dawn. We’re talking icy cliffs, lush jungles, deep waters, rocky deserts, and abandoned towns swirling with futuristic holograms.

There’s no confirmed release date for Horizon: Forbidden West yet, but the team behind Guerilla Games are certainly passionate about Aloy’s next big adventure that’s coming to the PlayStation 5.

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