Horizon Forbidden West Themed Cafe Let You Eat Like A Nora

PlayStation confirmed at the end of 2022 that PS5s are finally easier to come by, and it really wants absolutely everyone to know about it. The console creator has been staging a global viral marketing campaign over the course of the past few weeks, and the latest part of that is a pop-up cafe in Paris themed around Horizon Forbidden West.

As you can see in the video below posted by Guerrilla's Chante Goodman (thanks, Push Square), as soon as you step inside the temporary eatery you are surrounded by all things PS5. You will have also been bombarded by elements from Forbidden West. Everything from the giant mech statue that greets you at the door, to the clothes those who will be serving you are wearing.

Even the food appears to have been inspired by the Horizon series, but if you're thinking of flying to Paris to try it out for yourself, hold off on booking flights for just a second. Unfortunately, the cafe was only open for a very short time. Just three days at the end of last week, closing again on February 11.

That doesn't necessarily mean you have missed your chance to try some PlayStation exclusive-inspired food, though. There might be more to come since many items have been popping up around the world to remind people PS5s are a thing. A Leviathan axe in London, Thor's hammer in India, and even a couple of massive PS5 consoles in Dubai and Rome. If you don't have one already, don't panic. Yes, they're bigger than your average console, but they're not that big.

The campaign appears to be working. PS5 sales almost doubled year on year in the UK last month, and the console had its second-best seven-day stretch ever in Japan recently, bettered only by its launch week. If you are going to pick up a PS5 soon, make sure you download everything you want from its PS Plus Collection before it's removed on May 9.

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