House Flipper VR Will Trigger Your Home-Owning Anxieties On Oculus Quest This Week

Forgive me, but as a late-20’s wannabe home-owner that knows he’ll need to get a fixer-upper if he’s ever to afford it, there’s something weirdly dystopic about House Flipper VR.

As the name suggests, this is the VR version of a (surprisingly popular) game that’s all about turning derelict, abandoned living spaces into cozy abodes. In other words, all that unhealthy fantasizing we all do about putting in blood, sweat and tears into a space just to get the thing every human deserves but always seems so out of reach? This is the game for that. Check out the PC VR trailer below.

In all seriousness, though, House Flipper VR is promising a meaty experience when it launches on Oculus Quest on August 27th. In the game, you’ll accept jobs from clients, coming in to turn trash piles into treasure. That will involve scrubbing away the dirt, painting walls, cleaning up trash and all the other menial tasks you’ve dreamed about in VR.

Fans of the original game will definitely notice that House Flipper VR isn’t just a direct port of the existing game. It’s an all-new experience with tailor-made mechanics. It’s great to see VR getting a native version, though we sure hope we get to swing a hammer in this edition too.

Developer Frozen District says House Flipper VR will cost $14.99 on the Oculus Quest store. A SteamVR version will release on September 24th for the same price. Interested in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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