How To Beat Kjotve The Cruel In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is such a massive game that more than a couple of hours of gameplay need to be dedicated before the intro screen even appears. There are a lot of boss fights to look forward to, with the first real challenge appearing in Kjotve the Cruel, the man who took the lives of Eivor’s parents. To gain revenge on Kjotve, check out these essential tips for coming out on top of this boss fight.

The Prelude To The Fight

To reach this battle, you need to begin the mission “A Cruel Destiny” in Forli. After talking to Sigurd at the top of the small fort tower, a cutscene will play out with Kjotve being far too arrogant in his belief that he can end Eivor without much trouble.

To this end, he’ll even discard his weapons and claim to be superior enough to kill Eivor with his bare hands. Fortunately, this is all talk since him being without weapons actually makes Kjotve an easier foe to handle. Since this is the beginning of the game, you don’t need to worry about power levels.

How To Beat Kjotve – Phase One

The strategy to employ here is to rely on your ranged combat — the bow and arrow are the way to go. Kjotve is smart enough to avoid keeping a distance from Eivor, so he lunges in for an attack each time you move away from him. Before he does this, make sure to unload your arrows at him.

It’s inevitable that he’ll come close to Eivor, but the advantage is that each attack is signaled before executed. This is when a red aura surrounds Kjotve just as he’s about to make his move, which is when you should dodge out of his way. As soon as you avoid him, be ready to slash at Kjotve with your melee weapons to cause damage.

How To Beat Kjotve – Phase Two

After losing a quarter of his health, Kjotve will wield two axes and become more aggressive. You can either face him head-on or be defensive and dodge him again. It’s best to combine them by waiting for Kjotve to attack and then charging straight away.

The red aura around him indicates that he will be swinging hard, so steer clear of him at this point until he loses his balance, at which point you need to use melee combat. Out of desperation, he’ll jump and slam into the ground and this should be avoided entirely. The knee-jump attack is his most powerful and will cost a third of her health, making it vital to dodge this move.

How To Beat Kjotve – Phase Three

Near the end, Kjotve will pick Eivor up and slam her into another area. This is the final phase and is relatively easy. Kjotve will look to fling bodies from the ground toward Eivor, but it’s not difficult to avoid them. He’ll also be swinging pretty much the whole time, something that will prevent your melee combat but enable ranged combat.

Shooting arrows at Kjotve is simple since he doesn’t bother deflecting or avoiding them anymore. However, it’s not too difficult to hit him with weapons either, as Kjotve is susceptible in between his axe swings. Once his life is completely depleted, Eivor will finish Kjotve off with the hidden blade to put an end to proceedings.

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