How To Get Access To The VALORANT Closed Beta

Although Riot Games is beginning its closed beta testing for VALORANT on April 7, getting in will require a bit of luck, and for some players, a whole lot of patience. Much like Legends of Runeterra, Twitch drops will be the primary way of gaining access to the highly anticipated 5v5 shooter. In order to have a chance at getting in, players need to:

  1. Register for a Riot account (create a Riot account here)
  2. Link your Riot account to a Twitch account (create a Twitch account here)
  3. Wait for the closed beta to activate and watch specific VALORANT streams highlighted on Twitch.

By following those three steps, players will have done everything they need to potentially acquire access to the closed beta, now all that’s left to do is hope for some luck. Twitch drops are not awarded by any kind of queue system and appear to be largely randomized.

The best thing to do to stay sane during this random process is to pick a streamer, set the quality down to low settings, and go about your business. Otherwise, watching a stream for hours on end in hopes of getting into the closed beta is a recipe for inducing madness!

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