How To Make Gil In Final Fantasy 14

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There are many ways to spend your time in Final Fantasy 14. For most, that time will be allotted to leveling a variety of Jobs, participating in Raids, or doing the plethora of side-content present in the game. However, if you're interested in purchasing a house, obtaining your dream Minon, or just simply want to be filthy rich, then it can seem a bit daunting.

Thankfully, there are ways to make boatloads of Gil rather quickly if you know where to look and what to do, though it will take quite some time and effort to do so. Nevertheless, if you're willing to dedicate a few hours of your time a day, you will be rolling around in piles of Gil in no time.

Expert Deliveries

One of the best, most overlooked ways to make a decent chunk of Gil rather quickly is via Expert Deliveries, which become available to you once you obtain the rank of Sergeant Second Class within your Grand Company. You can level your Grand Company rank up by participating in Daily "Leveling" Roulettes.

Once Expert Deliveries become available to you, you will then be able to turn in Aetherial, Unique, and Artifact equipment for Grand Company Seals, which you can then exchange for items that are sellable on the Market Board. Trading Grand Company Seals for Glamour Prisms or Cordial is a safe bet due to their high demand.

Retainer Ventures

Another overlooked method of making Gil is through your Retainers via Ventures. Doing Retainer Ventures is a passive and easy way to score lots of Gil. If the RNG Gods decide to bless you, that is. But first, to unlock Retainer Ventures, you must have the MSQ "The Scions of the Seventh Dawn" completed, along with the side-quest "An Ill-Conceived Venture." You must also have at least one Retainer hired and at level 1.

Once you meet the prerequisites mentioned earlier, you can then send your Retainers out on Explorations that will be 18 hours ( or 1 hour, depending on which Venture you choose). Sending them on the 18 hour Venture will yield more EXP and have a higher chance they bring back better items as a result.

For the most part, your Retainers will come back with hardly anything to show. We get that doesn't sound promising, but please keep sending them out for 18 hours as they can potentially come back with Aetherial, Unique, and Artifact equipment. And, much like the Expert Deliveries, you can then exchange for Grand Company Seals and then turn them into either Glamour Prisms or Cordial and sell them on the Market Board. However, you can also trade Grand Company Seals in for Ventures, which you will need to send your Retainers out on their mission. You can also earn Ventures by doing Beast Tribe Quests.

Furthermore, there is a chance your Retainers will bring back something rare and extraordinarily valuable that can sell for 100,000+ Gil. While it's a small percentage, you will likely be able to keep sending them on Explorations with little to no loss if they return with something you can trade-in for Ventures/Gil.

Deep Dungeons

Deep Dungeons are ever-changing dungeons meant to offer a grueling challenge for whoever enters. You must make your way through several floors of the dungeon to prove your worth, with many of the better rewards belonging to the higher floors. While you can attempt these dungeons by yourself, we recommend going in with a dedicated, fixed party to boost your chances of success.

There are currently two Deep Dungeons in Final Fantasy 14, Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High. Both dungeons have the chance to reward you with rare items that can sell for a small fortune on the Market Board, with Mounts being the most popular. For Palace of the Dead, its Mount can drop anywhere from Floors 151 and higher, while Heaven-on-High's are Floors 71 and higher. Additionally, you can obtain Glamour items from Deep Dungeons that can fetch you a decent amount of Gil on the Market Board.

However, keep in mind this method isn't a fast, guaranteed method to earn lots of Gil. Though, if you have yet to take a crack at Deep Dungeons and are in a Free Company that's willing to tag along with you, it certainly doesn't hurt to try. Proceed with caution, though, as the late floors can be brutal and require you to be at your best.

Spending Your Poetics

You may currently have 2,000/2,000 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics collecting dust. If that's the case, you can turn them into Gil relatively easily and should do so each time you find yourself gathering Poetics from your Daily Roulettes from this point forward.

If you don't need your Allagan Tomestone of Poetics, we recommend taking them to Hismena in Idyllshire (5.8, 5.4) and trading them in for Unidentifiable items such as Ore and Shell. You can head to Bertana, located right next to Hismena (5.9, 5.2), and trade Unidentifiable Ore in for Grade 3 Soil (Thanalan Topsoil), which you can then sell on the Market Board for a pretty reasonable price.

The prices for Grade 3 Soil tend to fluctuate quite frequently, so be sure to check your server's Market Board for the soil you plan on selling to see if it's worth your time/effort at the moment. It will more than likely be, though, as you can turn your "useless" Poetics in for quick Gil, which is always a good thing.

Bozjan Clusters

One of the best tried and true methods of raking in Gil is to farm Bozjan Clusters in the Bozjan Southern Front and Zadnor by leveling your Resistance Rank and farming 4th Legion enemies such as the Colossus, Death Machine, Hexadrone, etc. Farming the 4th Legion enemies will net you the most Bozjan Clusters and at a much faster rate than focusing on your Resistance Rank.

Once you have enough Bozjan Clusters saved up, you can purchase items from the Resistance Quartermaster in Camp Vrdelnis (34.7, 35.2) and flip them on the Market Board for tons of Gil. For example, the Construct 14 Identification Key (180 Bozjan Clusters) goes for 1,000,000+ on average, with the Wind Caller (150 Bozjan Clusters) hairstyle also going for around the same price.

Even if you might have to grind for Bozjan Clusters for several hours, this method is one of the best ways to earn lots of Gil quickly and consistently. We recommend seeking out a dedicated Bozjan Cluster Farming group to run with daily to maximize your time and profits.

Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps are an excellent way to earn Gil and lots of it… well, depending on how well RNG is treating you that day. You obtain Treasure Maps by gathering them as a Botanist or a Miner or simply purchasing them off the Market Board. Currently, with Endwalker's release, the Timeworn Almastykin and Kumbhiraskin Treasure Maps should be your main focus if you own the expansion and meet the proper requirements.

After you have your Treasure Map, you will need to set up a party with your Free Company or the Party Finder to track down the treasure. Once you find the Treasure Chest and open it, high-leveled enemies will spawn, which you will need to defeat to receive the chest's contents and why you need a complete party.

Furthermore, defeating the high-leveled enemies that spawn by the Treasure Chest will have a chance of spawning a portal, which will take you to a dungeon that can give you many rare items. For Endwalker, the Treasure Dungeon is The Exitatron 6000. Progressing through the dungeon is also up to RNG, as you will have to choose between two doors after defeating a group of enemies. The right door will lead you further into the dungeon, while the wrong one will promptly kick you out.

Depending on the items you obtain from the Treasure Dungeon, you will be able to flip them on the Market Board for quite a hefty price. Take the Pixie Wings from the Exitatron 6000, for example. This method may be pure RNG, but due to Endwalker being brand-new, you will likely find eager players who want to tackle these maps.

Crafting And Gathering

And, of course, the number one way to earn a ridiculous amount of Gil is by Crafting and Gathering your way to the top. This will obviously take the longest if you have yet to start your journey into these Jobs, but either one of these methods will have the most significant payoffs in the end.

If you're interested in becoming a Gatherer, we recommend checking out our guide on the steps you need to take to get you started. The same goes for Crafters, and we strongly urge you to check out our Crafting guide to get your feet underneath you.

Nonetheless, after you have become a successful Crafter or Gatherer, the Market Board is your world, and everyone else just lives in it. Due to the release of the newest Raid, Pandæmonium, players will be looking for Savage gear to run it with, meaning Materia and the equipment itself will be worth much more than before for quite some time. Still, even when the Materia market dissipates, selling Crafters Materia, materials, and high-end weapons will more than make you enough money to coast off of seemingly forever. You just have to put in the effort to make it happen.

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