How To Use The Temessence Phial In Temtem

In Temtem, you can explore the world of the Airborne Archipelago to collect and battle with a carefully selected roster of Temtems. Shortly after starting your journey, you will unlock the Temessence Phial, which is an invaluable item that you will rely heavily on as you explore.

One of the biggest time wasters in the game is needing to stop exploring an area and head back to town when a Tamer’s Temtem are low and hit points or have fainted, and this is where the Temessence Phial shines. Let's take a look at how to use and refill the Temessence Phial, and some tips for the best times to use it.

Updated September 24, 2022 by Jacob Whaling: Temtem has officially launched with the release of patch 1.0, so we've updated this guide to offer a few tips on using your Temessence Phial, which coincidentally has had its name changed from Vial to Phial.

How To Use The Temessence Phial

The Temessence Phial contains a single dose that miraculously heals the health points of your entire team and will even revive your fainted Temtem. It can be refilled by healing again at any Temporium or Mini Temporium.

The importance of this mobile health clinic for your team of Temtem should not be understated, but getting the most use out of it will take some discipline. Next, let's go over a few tips for the optimal times to use your Temessence Phial.

Tips For Using The Temessence Phial

For starters, the in-game currency of Temtem, Pansuns, can be hard to come by throughout the game. This is especially true in the late game when experimenting with different party compositions gets expensive. The Temessence Phial can be used to heal your party while between Temporiums without having to rely on healing items like Balms and Revives, as buying these will cut into your limited Pansun supply.

For the best results, wait to use your Phial until you're down to your last one or two Temtems. The more health is restored in total to your party, the more value you will get out of the Phial. This will decrease on the number of times you need to return to a Temporium to heal or restore your Phial charge.

Additionally, the Temessence Phial will be a big help when questing through areas where you need to deal with strong NPC battles, one after another, in order to emerge victorious. With that in mind, knowing how far you can push your team before giving them a full heal will be crucial to learn, as using it too early can lead to problems later on.

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