Huge Lego Build Brings Super Mario Bros. To Life With Moving Parts

Lego and Mario, are they a match made in brick heaven? They certainly have overlapping fans it seems, with collectors and Lego enthusiasts eager to build tributes to the Nintendo icon with the super popular bricks. The latest to pay tribute is a massive, 12,000-piece build that contains 14 motors to animate moving goombas to lay a gauntlet for Mario to run through.

It's really a work of art and even includes the Time countdown and score number associated with the game's levels. The impressive build was shown off at BrickCon 2022 and Beyond the Brick's Joshua Hanlon spoke with the builder, Brandon Jones, about his creation (via NintendoLife).

Jones mentions he started designing the build in September around the time the digital Mario sets came out and thought it'd be a cool idea to build around that figure. He said he "just wanted to represent as much as the different characteristics from the Mario games, the old classic games, as possible".

We get a tour of his level with even squished goombas, shell-less koopas, flower power-ups, flying goombas, pipes, and moving piranha plants that Mario should avoid of course. Jones explains he's using splat gears to move his characters, and the whole build is named rather suitably 'Mario in Motion'. We don't know if it's for sale, but if it was, there would certainly be some gaming-minded collectors eager to get their hands on such a large but fun Lego Mario creation. It is one-of-a-kind after all.

Jones doesn't have plans for another Mario build for now. "This is what I had envisioned from the very beginning. It matches very closely to my original design and intent, so I don't plan to build on it any more. I'll show it at a few Cons and then possibly part it out. We'll see where all the pieces need to go," he told the reporter.

In the video above, we also get a good look at the back of the creation, so other builders might get some inspiration and insight into how such a moving build gets made. It's all pretty neat, so do take a look.

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