Hungrybox Permanently Banned From All Future St. Louis Melee Events

The professional esports player known as Hungrybox has been permanently banned from attending all future St. Louis Melee tournaments for having competed at Double Down last week despite coughing up blood on the morning of the event. Hungrybox has not yet commented on the matter and St. Louis Melee has not yet released an official statement.

“I definitely woke up this morning and threw up blood,” Hungrybox said on Twitter before attending Double Down. “Went to urgent care at 6:00 AM.” The professional Super Smash Bros. Melee player described how “they said it’s COVID or bacterial infection” before adding that “I got antibiotics and steroids via a shot.” Hungrybox later deleted the tweet.

Hungrybox was seen without a mask at several different times throughout the day before he eventually disqualified himself and left the event. The professional esports player went on to apologize for attending Double Down while sick and for not wearing a mask.

“It goes without saying I did a super fuck up today. And it was incredibly selfish of me,” Hungrybox explained on Twitter. “I shouldn’t think I’m above the rules. While I was convinced I didn’t have COVID, it was clear I was sick in some capacity. Deciding to play or even go to the venue was a massive mistake.” Hungrybox added that “I’m not half-assing mask protocols anymore. Today was a necessary lesson and I hate that it took me this long to give it the proper attention.”

The community was quick to condemn Hungrybox and things are no different this time around. The response to the news about his ban has mostly been met with approval. While some have been condemning his behavior at Double Down, others have been describing the move as a means of setting a positive example going forward. The overall feeling seems to be that more care needs to be taken at tournaments during what continues to be a deadly pandemic.

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