Icarus Steam release time confirmed for full launch date

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Gamers will soon discover if Icarus will become the next smash-hit survival sim on Steam in 2021.

The team behind the ambitious new game have confirmed the release time for this week, and gamers have less than 24-hour to wait before they can hit live servers.

For those that might have missed its announcement, Icarus is the next game from the creators of DayZ, a game that has proven to be an enduring hit.

Developers RocketWerkz are launching Icarus in time for the weekend and are also providing a small discount for anyone who picks it up this week.

The 10% launch discount will stay in place until December 7 and means the game will cost £21.41 to buy over the coming days.


Developers RocketWerkz has confirmed that the Icarus release time has been set for 10pm GMT on Friday, December 3.

For gamers in North America, Icarus servers will go live at 2pm PDT, although there is always the chance of congestion when the game first goes live.

Icarus will remain a Steam-only game, for the time being, meaning you won’t be able to download it on Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo platforms.

The official story description provides more on the setting of Icarus, which reads: “Humanity’s greatest mistake.

“Once destined to be a second Earth, when terraforming collapsed so did humanity’s hopes of colonizing a new world. When xeno-biologists discovered the cause of the failure – exotic matter – new interest was ignited.


“Valuable beyond reckoning, these ‘exotics’ unlocked advanced new technologies and sparked an interstellar gold rush.

The First Cohort were the first to arrive on Icarus. Part-adventurer, part prospector, they came alone and in groups, seeking their fortunes: dropping to the surface on limited-time permits, harvesting the planet’s resources to survive and extracting exotics before returning to space. In orbit, exotics unlock advanced tech to take on ever more challenging drops.”

And here are some of the features and content that will be available when the survival sim server go live this week:

Launch Content

At launch Icarus will have 64 square kilometers of terrain to explore, over 35 missions ranging from days to weeks in duration, over 240 talents, 6 different building materials, over 95 building pieces, 40 weapon and ammunition types, 35 armor set pieces, 15 crafting benches, more than 140 other items to craft, 11 different minerals to mine and support for nine languages.


Outposts are permanent 1km x 1km maps with no time limit and limited dangers, ideal for building. You can do just about everything you do on a Prospect mission but without the threat of storms and animal attacks. Only one of your characters can be on an Outpost at a time, but while you are there you can invite your Steam friends to visit.

Icarus comes with a Forest Outpost map for everyone as standard. Players with the Supporters Edition (formerly known as the Deluxe Edition) get an extra Forest Outpost and an Arctic Outpost. We’re excited to see what you build in your Outposts, and how you build, so we can design new and interesting Outpost maps for you in future.

Outposts aren’t the only place you can build on Icarus. Some Prospects last for weeks, giving you more than enough time to construct a base under more challenging conditions.

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