Immersive Gamebox is perfect day out for gamers and families during the holidays

If you’re struggling for things to do with the family during the summer holidays, then you might want to pay Immersive Gamebox a visit. The perfect day/evening out for gamers, families and work colleagues, Immersive Gamebox is a unique interactive experience that employs motion tracking, projection mapping, touch screens and surround sound. Testing reaction times, puzzle solving skills and teamwork, experiences takes place in a box room with touch screen walls. Groups can select multiple different games, including Paw Patrol, Squid Game, Angry Birds and Shaun the Sheep.

The Squid Game experience, for example, sees players become contenders in the fictional game made popular by the 2021 Netflix series.

As part of the 60 minute game, players will take it in turns to survive Red Light, Green Light, where the aim is to touch the far wall without being spotted by the giant doll.

You’ll also take part in the Gamebox version of Tug of War, after attempting to extract a shape from the honeycomb candy, using your visor to carefully trace the outline.

Despite competing for the highest score with your opponents, there’s a strange a sense of camaraderie, as you support each other and share tips throughout the experience.

With the speed and intensity ramping up during each game, the Gamebox experience is also surprisingly vigorous, so don’t be surprised to find yourself covered in sweat by the end of the 60-90 minute games.

Fortunately, you can order drinks and other refreshments by using the touchscreen wall, with staff delivering them to your room after making your choices.

If Squid Game is a bit too adult for your group (the recommended age 16+), then you might want to check out other games like Angry Birds, Shaun the Sheep, Alien Aptitude Test, Temple of Coins or PAW Patrol. There’s even a new experience called AI Nightmare, which is coming soon.

The Paw Patrol game sees players lead a team of animals in a variety of missions to save Adventure Bay.

You’ll need to discover clues and solve puzzles as you embark on a rescue mission in which you play as the likes of Chase, Rubble, and Skye.

Promoting teamwork and featuring educational elements, it all ends with a “Pup Pup Boogie Dance Party”.

With locations throughout the world, UK customers can check out the different Immersive Gamebox experiences in Essex Lakeside, Liverpool, London Shoreditch, London Southbank, London Wandsworth, Manchester Arndale and Yorkshire Castleford.

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