Insider Claims Immortals Fenyx Rising Follow Up Is Based On Polynesian Culture

Immortals Fenyx Rising is getting a pseudo-sequel spin-off that explores a whole new culture, Polynesian. That's according to reputable insider Jeff Grubb, although Ubisoft hasn't officially announced anything regarding a follow-up just yet.

"Ubisoft Quebec's sequel to Immortals Fenyx Rising is not a proper sequel," Grubb stated on his podcast. "It's more of a spin-off… The production name is Oxygen. You're a hero, a guy or a girl because Ubisoft. It's based on the Hawaiian Polynesian culture this time around. Still have a God narrator. Tried to be visually stylised but less of a copy of Breath of the Wild. They talk about a visual reboot. In early pre-production. Seen some concept art. Coming maybe 2025."

It's still a few years out from launching but it sounds like we can expect something more distinct, taking an Assassin's Creed approach of exploring new locations and cultures with each game. However, a sequel hasn't even been announced yet, let alone any details on what it will look like, so right now all we have to go on is leaks and rumours. That being said, another reputable insider Tom Henderson claimed earlier this year that a follow-up has entered pre-production, corroborating Grubb's claims.

Immortals Fenyx Rising launched at the end of 2020 on December 3, meaning that it could be a potential seven years before its sequel launches. In 2021, Ubisoft claimed that it boasted "solid on-going sales" and was becoming a "player-favourite" IP, adding that "it has all it takes to become an evergreen title, especially on the Switch" so a sequel isn't far-fetched.

While Ubisoft hasn't come out to announce anything regarding a sequel or spin-off, it did reveal that Ghost Recon Frontline and Splinter Cell VR have been cancelled, while the long-awaited Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora has been pushed back to 2023 or 2024. Meanwhile, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Revelations, and 3's multiplayer servers are shutting down, marking the end of an era.

But fans are coming together to plan a big send-off, revitalising the multiplayer modes for one last hurrah.

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