Is Titanfall 2’s Northstar Due To Appear In Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Season 9 is very close, and as the War Games event rages on Respawn is due to drop a brand new trailer giving us a sneak peek at what we can expect to see from the new season, and the brand new character.

The new trailer is only hours away from premiering and will hopefully give us all our first look at a brand new legend, though we think it’s possible to come to a few conclusions about who’s next in Apex Legends before the new Northstar trailer debuts.

Respawn has already given us a hint that this new season will be great for Titanfall fans, and it’s very possible that we’re going to see a character from Titanfall in the new season, in addition to an actual Titan robot in the Apex Games. Here’s why we think that…

Why Season 9’s Legend Is Probably A Titanfall Character In Apex Legends

Respawn literally hinting at Season 9 being Titanfall themed is really all we need to assume that Season 9’s Legend comes from Titanfall, but if you’ve been following the story of Apex Legends so far, you will have already seen this coming.

Season 5’s story quest introduced Ash, a character from Titanfall 2 that was reassembled and awakened by the Legends. Ash’s remains were delivered to Hammond Robotics, that ended up throwing Ash into a dumpster shortly after taking all of her memories.

Pathfinder finds Ash in Season 6, and the new Legend Rampart accidentally revived Ash’s memories, which notified Kuben Blisk, leader of Titanfall’s Apex Predators mercenary squad. Blisk locates Ash, and then warns her that an “old friend” of hers has returned, at which point she leaves with Blisk.

Ash and Blisk are both affiliated with the Apex Predators, and Ash’s main goal has always been to recover data from the IMC Remnant Fleet. Given this information, we can speculate that the new Legend will be Ash’s “old friend,” and this friend will either be associated with the IMC Remnant Fleet or Blisk’s Apex Predators. That’s assuming the new character isn’t either Ash or Blisk themselves.

We’re going to go out on a limb and hypothesise that the Season 9 Legend will be Viper from the Apex Predators. For more speculation on why, read below…

Why A Titanfall Mech Will Probably Debut In Apex Legends Season 9

Viper is the fourth boss you fight in Titanfall 2, and we believe he will be the brand new Season 9 Legend, and the reason why is purely the name of the upcoming trailer – Northstar.

Northstar is a class of Titan in the Titanfall universe and just happens to be the class of Titan that Viper pilots. By being a previous Titanfall boss, in addition to being one of the few established Titanfall characters that pilots a Northstar, Viper makes a good case for being one of the new Legends.

Titanfall fans will want the new character to be familiar in some way, to reward their knowledge of and loyalty to the series, but making the new Legend one of the primary Titanfall characters might mess with the precious continuity and lore that both Titanfall and Apex Legends have established.

Viper might be the perfect pick, but this is absolutely all speculation – no datamining or solid info here. Though, for the longest time, datamines have hinted at the possibility of a Titan being introduced into the game, and with a brand new Titanfall-themed season on the way, it seems like we’ll see a Titan here. A low-HP, high-damage Northstar Titan, perhaps?

This could appear either in the form of a new limited-time mode, but it would be far more exciting if Viper could, perhaps, call down a Titan for a limited time as part of their Ultimate Ability? Seeing it drop down from the sky would certainly be exciting, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be as destructive as in the Titanfall games.

Only time will tell, but Season 9 of Apex Legends might be the most exciting one yet.

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