It Takes Two Has Dethroned Outriders As Steam’s Best Seller

After two weeks of coming oh so close, It Takes Two has finally taken the number one spot away from Outriders on Steam.

Four months into 2021 and new games are finally arriving thick and fast. Outriders and It Takes Two have been stealing headlines for the last few weeks, Nier Replicant and Pokemon Snap are about to enter the fray, and Resident Evil Village will soon join the party. Being the best-selling game on any given week is about to get a whole lot harder.

This is why it’s heart-warming to see It Takes Two finally achieve that, at least on Steam. The co-op game generated more revenue on Steam than any other game for the week ending April 18, 2021. It had been knocking at Outriders’ door for the two weeks prior, sitting in second and waiting patiently to leapfrog the latest Square Enix title.

Outriders actually slipped all the way down to number five, being pushed further down the chart by Sea of Thieves, Valve Index VR Kit, and new entry Stellaris: Nemesis. Valheim and Satisfactory also made the top ten. It Takes Two may struggle to keep hold of that top spot for more than a week though, as it seems almost nailed on that the position will belong to Nier Replicant as soon as it’s released this Friday.

It Takes Two has been 2021’s biggest video game success story so far. Some might think limiting a game to co-op only would hinder it, but not in this case. Aside from the fact you can play It Takes Two with someone online who doesn’t even own the game, its story is incredibly compelling. You likely wouldn’t have batted an eyelid if this was the narrative for a Pixar movie.

Hazelight’s latest offering has been receiving rave reviews across the board, including from us here at TheGamer. Perhaps even more exciting is the reveal that the studio is already working on its next title, and promises to kick things up a notch yet again. It’s nice to see It Takes Two at the top of the chart, even if it is likely to only last seven days.

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