Just Cause Mobile "Coming Soon" To iOS And Android

Today’s Square Enix Presents brought a ton of announcements, including Hawkeye arriving in Marvel’s Avengers and Tomb Raider’s 25th-anniversary plans, but also a few mobile game announcements too. One of them had to do with a sniper-style game set in the Hitman universe, while the other was for Just Cause Mobile, the upcoming free-to-play shooter.

To be honest, there wasn’t a whole lot of new footage to be found in today’s trailer. Most of it was already released when Just Cause Mobile was announced at last year’s GDC, but there were a few extra tidbits to be gleaned today.

First is that both Rico Rodriguez and Annika Svennson are shown in the trailer which finally ties the mobile game to the rest of the Just Cause universe. It seems that Rico now has a commanding role and might even be the one sending players out on missions.

And second is a better look at what is presumably the villain, a very Jeff Bezos-like character that might actually be modeled after Community actor Jim Rash. But otherwise, there’s a lot of reused footage here and not a lot else to report.

What we saw at GDC leads us to assume Just Cause Mobile is going to be something like a mobile twin-stick shooter with various single-player and online multiplayer game modes. One of the advertised modes involved a 30-player free-for-all, although the words “battle royale” were not specifically mentioned.

Expect a “huge arsenal of weapons and gear,” which we assume to mean guns, rocket launchers, explosive ordinance, and the occasional helicopter.

Just Cause Mobile is set to release later in 2021.

Also revealed during the presentation was the new Life is Strange game, titled “True Colors.” This comes from Life is Strange: Before the Storm developer Deck Nine and tells the new story of Alex Chen, a woman with the incredible ability to sense and manipulate a person’s emotions.

True Colors is set to arrive on September 10, 2021.

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