Kingdom Hearts Fan Mods Roxas Into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A Kingdom Hearts fan has modded Roxas into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

When Sora was first revealed as Smash Ultimate's final DLC character, there were a lot of fans who, after getting over their own hyperventilation, wanted to see Roxas or Ventus appear as Sora's alternate costumes. After all, one of the Kingdom Hearts communities' best running jokes is that pretty much everyone is Sora in one way or another.

That didn't end up happening and instead we got each of Sora's mainline outfits, two Drive Forms, his Ultimate Form from Kingdom Hearts 3 and the, admittedly amazing, Timeless River outfit. As great as those are, it's hard to argue that having Roxas, Ventus, Vanitas, or Xion join as alternate costumes wouldn't have been far cooler.

Well, this mod goes some way towards fixing that. A video from YouTuber quoy shows off several mods that put Roxas in Smash Ultimate, voice and all. The base Roxas model mod was made by JoeTEStrikesBac, while the Roxas voice lines were added to the mod by Nin10Doug. They combine to make it look as if Roxas was meant to be in Smash all along. It's definitely a better use of the slot than the Ultimate Form costume anyway.

The mod is currently in beta release on GameBanana and sits at 87 percent complete overall. On the mod's page, JoeTEStrikesBac described it as, "A semi-finished version of Roxas' model, based on his Twilight Town outfit. A few very minor skinning errors are present, and some of the textures are in need of clean-up or fixing. The hair is also copy-pasted from KH3 with slightly tweaked textures, while it'll be more in line with the hair on Sora's Smash model for the final release… I also intend to add Roxas' Organization XIII outfit as an alt sometime after the mod's initial full release."

Sora has been quite the popular Smash character to mod since his release. Not only have fans added in costumes like the Toy Box Sora outfit, but they've also gone ahead and replaced his Keyblade with a shotgun. As you do.

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