Kingdoms Of Amalur: How To Get Rid Of A Bounty

In Kingdoms Of Amalur, you’re supposed to be playing the role of a great hero who has come to save the downtrodden people of the Faelands. But that can get boring. As one may be wont to do when left alone in a gigantic open world, you may be tempted to turn to a life of crime. Stealing or killing can be a fine way to pass the time but it does come with some negative side effects. Aside from the damage to your own moral compass, you’ll also gain a bounty on your head. Rob, pickpocket, or assault innocent NPCs and you’ll have the whole city chasing after you to get justice for your misdeeds.

So, what do you do if you find yourself in this predicament? Here are some ways to get yourself out of hot water.

How To Get Away With Murder

First off, you should try everything in your power to not get caught. If you’re planning on being a ne’er-do-well you should invest some of your points into the Stealth skill. That way you can hide in plain sight to make stealing and pickpocketing much easier. You could also work on your Alchemy skill and make yourself some invisibility potions.

If that fails, there are other options. Guards will come looking for you if you get into trouble, but they’re not so squeaky clean themselves. They can be bribed with a hefty sum of gold and in exchange, they’ll pretend they never saw you. To make this option much cheaper, you can upgrade your Persuasion skill which will lower the cost of bribes. Maxing out this skill will cut the price of all bribes in half, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking to let your money do the talking.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling bad about stealing that health potion from a kindly old gnome, you can choose to surrender yourself to the guards. You’ll either pay a fine or serve a night in jail. Going to jail will hit you with an XP penalty, so only do that if you’re really feeling guilty.

Now those solutions are all well and good, but truth be told, the people of Amalur aren’t exactly the brightest bunch. Instead of dealing with the consequences of your actions, you can resist arrest and run away. Once you’re out of sight of the NPCs you’ve wronged, fast travel to another location that’s as far away as you can get. Then, find the nearest bed and get some sleep. After a long nap, the civilians will have forgotten all about your crimes. Even if you went on a full-blown murder spree in Canneroc, you’ll be able to walk the streets without a care in the world. Thank goodness for short attention spans.

No Fate And No Conscience

And that’s how you get away with crime in the world of Kingdoms Of Amalur. So have fun robbing and pillaging those poor townsfolk with your ungodly powers. You monster.

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