Kirby And The Forgotten Land: Flash Fishing Minigame Guide

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land marks the pink puff ball’s official debut in a fully three-dimensional world. Like most 3D games, Kirby also includes the fun pastime of dipping your fishing rod into a body of water in order to pull out a couple of sea creatures to show off. Although it’s not always the most exciting portion of a playthrough, Kirby’s Flash Fishing minigame is a welcome addition to the gameplay experience.

Highlighted by a simplistic take and quirky animations, the Flash Fishing minigame is a treat for those who enjoy a little downtime, and the fun expressions that Kirby has become known for.

How To Unlock the Flash Fishing Minigame

The process of unlocking the Flash Fishing minigame is easy. All you need to do is rescue 155 Waddle Dees. Once they are rescued, the Fishing Pond will be available in Waddle Dee Town.

Flash Fishing Guide And Rewards

Fishing in Kirby and the Forgotten Land is simple, and easy to master. Kirby will sit in his chair and throw a line into the water. Some time will pass, and he’ll get a bite, causing buttons to appear on the screen.

You’ll need to quickly press the appropriate button, with larger fish having more button prompts. Each fish reeled in will reward you with Star Coins.

However, if you fail to press a button in time, Kirby will be reeled into the water. Furthermore, if you press the wrong button, you’ll reel in trash and will not be rewarded.

Making successful catches in a row will increase your chances of catching larger fish — ultimately leading up to the “Bling Blipper”. However, failing the fishing events will have the opposite effect.

The following is a list of fishes, appearing in order of rarity, that can be caught:

  • Small Blipper (1-2 buttons, under 1000G) – 1 Yellow Star Coin
  • Regular Blipper (3 buttons, about 1000G) – 5 Green Star Coins
  • Large Blipper (4 buttons, about 8000G) – 10 Red Star Coins
  • Huge Blipper (4 buttons, over 8200G) – 30 Blue Star Coins
  • Bling Blipper (7 buttons, about 10000G) – 500 Star Coins

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