Kirby And The Forgotten Land: How To Find All Lantern Switches In Through The Tunnel

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s cute platforming levels each contain a variety of optional objectives for players to tackle alongside completing the level itself. If you’re trying for 100% completion, you’ll need to engage with each of these objectives.

In the second level of the Natural Plains region, Through The Tunnel, you’ll need to find and light all the lantern switches to complete one of these optional objectives. To do this, you’ll need the flame ability to blow fire into the empty lanterns, illuminating the surrounding areas. If you’re desperately searching for these lanterns, here’s a visual guide to all of their locations.

Where To Find The Lantern Switches

Before you seek out the lanterns, be sure to obtain the flame ability from the fire enemy at the beginning of the level, just before you enter the tunnel. If you lose the flame ability during your search, don't worry: the flame enemies are thankfully abundant throughout the level.

The First Lantern Switch

After you’ve got the flame ability, the first lantern switch can be found just afterward near the tunnel entrance. The lantern is in a corner, in front of a vine-covered fence. Blow fire into it to light the lantern, making the secret objective appear in your checklist.

The Second And Third Lantern Switches

The second and third lanterns can both be found just after passing through a star door into a new area with floating spike obstacles and rising platforms.

There’s a lantern in each corner of this room: one before you head over the rising platforms and one right after the rising platforms, in a corner behind a barrier. Once again, you need to blow fire into them to light them up and add them to your checklist.

The Fourth Lantern Switch

The fourth and final lantern switch can be found only slightly further beyond the third lantern, surrounded by sentient spike balls on a rising platform. Wait for the platform to reach the right height to spit fire into the lantern. Do this at a distance to ensure you don’t get hit by the spike balls.

If you’ve followed this guide and illuminated all four lanterns along the way, this objective will now be ticked off in the level missions.

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