Kirby Cafe Tokyo Opens With A Visit From Chef Kirby

The Kirby Cafe has finally opened its permanent home in Tokyo, Japan. Situated in the Tokyo Skytree, the restaurant has a bevy of items themed around everyone’s favorite pink puffball. To mark the ceremonies for opening day, patrons were greeted with a visit from none other than Chef Kirby himself!

Making the rounds on Twitter are a ton of photos from people happily eating Kirby related food items as the giant mascot walks in. This is similar to the costume seen at PAX East 2016, just with a chef hat. It’s adorable and I’m incredibly jealous!

The Kirby Cafe isn’t entirely new. Having opened as a pop-up cafe a few years back, it would do business for a few months before closing for the year. Some lucky people were able to try out dishes themed around characters like Whispy Woods, Waddle-Dee, and the man himself, Kirby. Menus from previous years can still be found on the official website, though a rough Google translation makes them sound a little more intense than they should be.

It was always a shame that Nintendo didn’t permanently open a location for locals and tourists to frequent. Thankfully, everyone came to their senses. Back in early October, it was announced that the Kirby Cafe would be planting its roots in Tokyo for the foreseeable future. Located at the Tokyo Skytree -a broadcasting tower that has a mall underneath-, it’s placed in the best possible location to garner attention.

The more important part is that westerners won’t have to miss out on the fun. With Kirby’s delicious dishes available for all, spontaneous trips to Japan have gotten a whole lot more exciting. Who wouldn’t want to fly across the ocean simply to eat Kirby’s face? Well, not his actual face…

This is a joyous day for fans of Kirby. With cute food staying in season year-round, everyone will have a chance to experience the joy that is novelty foods. Those burgers do look mighty tasty, too. Now we just need to convince Nintendo to open one in America and we’ll be one step closer to making the world a better place.

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