Kirby Has Become The New Mascot Of This Popular Japanese Fast Food Chain

MOS Burger, one of the biggest fast food chains in Japan, has collaborated with the hungriest video game character for a most adorable campaign.

Kirby, who has a large series of games and is popular in Super Smash Bros., is featured on every surface of anything offered by MOS Burger. He’s on take out bags, burger wrappers, tray coverings, cups, napkins, and anything you can imagine. Of course, he’s featured inhaling a MOS burger as well as a few of their other menu items.

In addition to the packaging, Kirby is featured in the children’s menu. The featured item is a “low allergen menu drink and toy set”. With the set, you can choose one of three items – a mini towel, a ball-point pen, and a mini pouch – each featuring Kirby and the famous MOS burger. And they’re all as adorable as the pink puffball himself.

Kirby is the star of over 26 video games, the most recent being Kirby Fighters 2. He was created back in 1992 by Masahiro Sakurai, who is also credited with the creation of Super Smash Bros. Since Kirby’s first appearance in Kirby’s Dream Land (1992), his main feature his been his copy ability. He inhales and swallows enemies, and is able to copy one of their powers; for example, if he eats a sword-wielding enemy, Kirby becomes a master swordsman. But this ability has transformed him into something of a glutton, and certainly made it a lot easier for him to eat, which is why he’s often seen inhaling food. It makes him a perfect partner for, say, a collaboration with a fast-food chain.

MOS Burger first opened in 1972, in Tokyo. With its great success over the past 48 years, the chain has opened up all over Japan, and even has extended into China, Singapore, the Philippines, and even Australia and other countries in the Asia-Oceania region. Their most famous item is the MOS Burger, named after the restaurant. They do offer a variety of other types of burgers, including a rice burger, which features a bun created from rice mixed with millet and barley.

The Kirby x MOS Burger campaign runs in Japan through the middle of November.

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