Konami Put A Vinyl Silent Hill 2 OST On Sale, But It Sold Out In Less Than Two Minutes

Konami recently put up for sale a rare item that had Silent Hill fans quite excited. It was an exclusive vinyl OST of Silent Hill 2. The rust-coloured record was limited to just 500 copies and the official Konami Shop announced the sale on its Twitter account. Just moments later however, the entire run had sold out while buyers reported a curious bug, and asked if scalpers had been able to take advantage of the whole situation.

The sale of the Silent Hill 2 Original Video Game Soundtrack was due to begin today at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT. But the limited edition record proved so popular it seemed to sell out in only a minute, as two minutes after the record was supposed to go on sale, the @KonamiShop tweeted out a promo but by that time all the copies had sold out entirely (thanks Wrexis on Resetera).

Those who were quick enough to get onto the Konami storefront and add copies of the LP were left aghast as it seemed they could only purchase it in batches of five. This is despite the OST being limited to only 500 copies. It seems a good way to make things easier for scalpers.

While rare and limited merch can sell out in seconds the fact the Konami website was only letting people buy the record if they bought at least five of them seems unfair on those who just want to buy a single copy while also making it tough for more people to get any copy if it's being sold in batches of five. With just 500 copies, it means only a lucky 100 individuals would be able to purchase the records if they all limited themselves to five, although for those wanting to scalp that would be highly unlikely.

Shortly afterwards, the @KonamiShop tweeted with an update: "Thank you for your amazing support. We want to clarify that we sold out of all 500 units prior to the bugs that some customers are reporting. No scalpers allowed here. Stay tuned for news on more official Konami merch."

This follow-up didn't go down so well, with many followers underneath the tweet expressing disbelief, "'no scalpers allowed here'??? literally check ebay lmao", commented one. Another commented, "Sorry, I was on the page the second it went live and it was already sold out. Quite incredible that it started off at a minimum order of 5 units, and was sold out in *three seconds*. The bug was fixed AFTER being sold out. That sets off a lot of red flags".

Looking on eBay, we found copies of the rust-coloured edition of the Silent Hill 2 OST already listed. The vinyl was being sold for $50 on the official Konami shop, so this scalper (pictured above) is selling the item for three times the original price. Meanwhile, there have been reports of the record going for as high as upwards of $180 on eBay.

However, for those still wanting to get their hands on a copy of this rare edition of the vinyl, Konami did announce that it is "planning to restock this item and bring it to you in an orderly fashion". Fingers crossed, there's no more "bug" but you're still going to have to be quick to likely stand a chance of snagging a copy.

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