Labyrinth Of Galleria: The Moon Society – 6 Beginner Tips

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  • Spend Mana Freely, But Be Careful With Silver
  • Explore Previous Floors Again
  • Approach Every Event You Come Across
  • The Mini-Map Is More Important Than The First-Person Perspective
  • Use Your Food On New Party Members
  • Save Your Witch's Bells, Walk Back Out

First-person dungeon crawler RPGs still have their place, so people may enjoy Labyrinth Of Galleria: The Moon Society. This game by NIS emphasizes creating your party members, having them go through dungeon floors, and taking on multiple enemies to survive. As you'll have various puppets to work with, you'll want to know how to use them and survive.

Since Labyrinth Of Galleria: The Moon Society has its fair share of challenges, you'll want to know how to tackle them. As you go through beginner tips, you'll understand what the game offers and how to avoid getting knocked out in dungeons.

Spend Mana Freely, But Be Careful With Silver

You have two main types of currency in this game: Silver and Mana.


What It's For

How To Get It


You spend it at the Witch Petition to unlock bonuses, new moves, and similar effects. You can even unlock easier and harder difficulties.

You'll collect Mana by fighting in battles, exploring the dungeons, and finding them in walls.


You can purchase items from the General Store.

You'll get Silver from selling items you don't need or in dungeons.

Since you get Mana from combat, you can easily farm it, but you can't do the same with Silver, so feel free to spend your Mana but hold onto your Silver. Wait to purchase what you need since you'll cover your healing through other methods.

  • You heal every time you return to the surface.
  • You get built-in healing abilities with your pacts in battle.
  • You'll find multiple healing items as you explore the dungeons.

However, if one of your characters loses their limbs, you should spend your Silver at the General Store to get them back to their usual selves. They can lose limbs if your party wipes out or they get gored in combat. They also lose stats with the associated limb, so you must restore them to normal as quickly as possible.

Make multiple save files if you spend your Silver on different items. That way, you can always load your previous save files if you spend too much money or face problems. The same works for trying out sealed equipment.

Explore Previous Floors Again

You may want to rush to your previous location whenever you leave the dungeon and start it again. However, exploring floors a second time offers solid benefits that could help you during your journey.

  • Gaining more Mana from battles and walls.
  • Fighting enemies to get more experience.
  • Collecting items from breakable objects and selling anything you don't need for Silver.

You should start each floor by opening the map, looking for these details, and exploring to see what you can find. You'll notice new breakable locations spawn each time you enter the dungeon, so take a look and see what you can find. You can then make your way to the next floor as you get more Mana and items.

Don't spend too much time on floors. Even though you gain bonuses from building Mana, you'll face more dangers if you reach the Mana limit for the floor. You'll find it in the top-left corner while you explore the dungeon.

Approach Every Event You Come Across

As you start the game, you'll come across multiple events, which appear as exclamation points on the field that are color-coded to let you know what they do.

Event Color

What It Does


You'll receive a tutorial and information about the game.


You can act there by jumping across a gap or checking something in the area.


Though it usually progresses the story, you'll need to fight an enemy or boss.

Since you'll learn new details about the game or hints on progressing through the floor, you should always approach blue and green events. As for red events, you should heal your teammates with items before you approach them.

You can run back to the base if you want to heal for free. You can then go back through the dungeon and reach the boss fight while avoiding enemies, so you'll have full HP and DP.

The Mini-Map Is More Important Than The First-Person Perspective

Even though you have a large area to look at while you go through a dungeon, you'll want to focus on the mini-map since it provides vital information to help you through each floor.

  • Monsters near you, so you can approach them for experience points or avoid them if you run low on resources.
  • Dashes on the ground, indicating a pit you can fall through if you take the wrong step. It'll take you to the next floor, but you'll take significant damage if you fall.
  • Walls with Mana on them to get you more abilities.
  • The door you activated if you pressed a switch on the wall.

Since the mini-map provides so much information, you should look at it more than the main map. However, the primary map does offer some information you can't get from the mini-map, making it essential to glance at.

  • If the monster is red or purple. Purple indicates a powerful monster, so you'll want to avoid them.
  • Any context-sensitive interactions, such as jumping or opening a door.
  • Looking ahead to find a treasure chest or pathway that hasn't appeared on the mini-map.

Sit still if you don't know how to deal with an enemy or situation. The game treats the dungeon exploration like turns, so if you don't move, the enemy can't move, giving you all the time necessary to plan it out.

Use Your Food On New Party Members

As you go through dungeons, you'll get different food from monsters. You can use the food on characters to give them experience, speeding up the leveling process, so you won't have to grind. While you may feel tempted to use them to level up your first three puppets quickly, you should use them on new characters for a few reasons.

  • They start at level one.
  • You don't want them to fall behind.
  • You may want to keep your characters in the same level range.

Since everyone who fights in the dungeon gets the same experience, you'll want them around the same levels. Otherwise, they may be too weak in battle, so you'll struggle to keep them alive, or they must stay in the Rearguard, where their weapons don't work correctly, depending on the class.

You'll eventually have more party members than slots for the dungeons, so you can also use food to keep them equal with your other puppets.

Save Your Witch's Bells, Walk Back Out

While it may take more time, you should avoid using the Witch's Bells you get. They exist to help you escape a dungeon in a pinch, so you'll want to save them for later in the game. You may not come across many of them unless you farm for them.

You can backtrack through the dungeon to escape. Luckily, the floors aren't randomized, so you can take the same path through the dungeon to return to your previous point. Since you can see the enemies on the map, you can easily avoid them and not enter combat, ensuring you return safely.

Once you explore a few floors, you'll see Witch's Bells in chests and destroyable objects. If you want a general rule of thumb, you should hold off on using Witch's Bells if you have less than three in your inventory.

Since no one can move diagonally, you can always avoid enemies by stepping away from them. They'll eventually stop chasing you, allowing you to leave the dungeon with minimal problems.

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