Lapras Almost Went Extinct In Pokemon Red & Blue, Now There Are Too Many Of Them

There was a time when Lapras almost went extinct in the Pokemon universe, but they were saved by new laws during the Sun & Moon era, and now there are too many of them.

Lapras was one of the few Pokemon that every player received in Pokemon Red & Blue, as it’s given to them in the Silph Co. building. This ensured that the player would always have access to a Pokemon that could use Surf, as it was necessary to continue the game. The scarcity of Lapras was actually explained in the Pokedex, as it was mentioned that Lapras had almost been hunted to extinction.

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The sad story of the Lapras species was told across numerous Pokedex entries over the following generations. It’s made clear that humans are responsible for the dwindling numbers of Lapras, likely because they eat them, as is the case with Sharpedo. Lapras also have a gentle disposition, which means that they won’t fight back when they’re hunted. It’s even said that Lapras sing in an effort to communicate with the others of their kind.

It seems that fate has spared the Lapras species, as the Pokedex in Pokemon Sun & Moon featured a major turnaround on their current status. According to the Pokedex, Lapras were now protected by legal measures, and their numbers exploded. It’s unclear whether they breed really fast, or whether Ditto were brought in to slide out some eggs, but the Lapras population exploded. Maybe that one person who claimed on Reddit that they bred Lapras and sent them out into the world was onto something.

There’s only one problem with this situation: Game Freak doesn’t want you to be happy. It was revealed in the Pokedex in Ultra Moon that Lapras is now causing shortages of other fish Pokemon. Lapras might be harmless when it comes to humans, but the Magikarp of the world better watch out, as they are now back on the menu. It seems that mankind has caused a new problem by trying to fix an old one, as the day may come when we read about other aquatic Pokemon facing extinction, due to the endless hunger of the growing Lapras horde.

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