Latest Fortnite Update Is Creating Stability Issues

Fortnite‘s latest patch caused a brief period of server instability that was so bad you couldn’t even move.

Fortnite Chapter Two‘s 11.30 patch released early this morning and caused quite a stir. While the update was widely anticipated to add a ton of exciting new content, what nobody expected was for it to also break the game so badly that you couldn’t even play.

Extreme lag, server crashes, and hitching due to packet loss were all huge issues mere hours after the patch’s arrival. Dot Esports actually took a video of how bad it was, and you can see the player was completely unable to move for over a minute.

Fortnite Status, the official Twitter account of Fortnite‘s servers tweeted that they were investigating the issue after widespread reports of server lag. They later said that the likely cause was due to the implementation of the DirectX 12 beta and recommended that players revert to using DX11 in the meantime.

However, that’s not necessary anymore. Fortnite Status tweeted out just a few hours ago that the issue has been resolved and players shouldn’t experience any further lag. That said, Fortnite Competitive moved the Contender Cash Cup to December 16th to ensure that the latest patch doesn’t interfere with the upcoming tournament.

Now that the update is live and players are exploring the new content, which includes split screen play for PS4 and Xbox One duos and squads, a return of the Snowball Launcher weapon, and a ton of new cosmetics. You can also preview items on the Fortnite mobile app by using the new Preview function in the Party Hub.

There’s also a brand new Snowball item that can deal massive damage, but only if you can manage to hit your opponent.

There’s more, and you can read the full list of changes and bug fixes on the official Fortnite website.

Source: Twitter, Epic Games, Dot Esports

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