Latest Issue Of V-Jump Shares Images Of SSGSS Goku In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Not even a full day after announcing its existence do we have screenshots of SSGSS Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Coming as the second part of the open-world RPG’s season pass DLC, the newest issue of Japanese magazine V-Jump has shared screenshots of how the blue-haired variants of everyone’s favorite Saiyans will look when they release.

On the first page is Vegeta with some descriptions of new abilities he’ll gain. The main one shown in the screenshot is the “Ultimate Galick Gun” that can be powered up by holding down the attack button. He’ll also gain access to both the “Ultimate Banish” energy blast and the “God Speed Fist” physical strike for dealing with crowds.

On page two, Goku is revealed with him performing the “Ultimate Big Kamehameha.” This special variant of his signature energy blast will cause enemies to explode on impact, which makes it useful in large crowds. Goku, too, will have access to the attacks listed on Vegeta’s page, meaning he can combo all of these techniques together for massive damage.

Other than these screenshots, nothing else has been revealed about the “New Power Awakens – Part 2” add-on. We reported on initial details yesterday and Bandai Namco isn’t ready to talk anything else. This is following the same exact pattern as the previous DLC pack, so we’re likely going to get a release date in another week or so.

The pack doesn’t sound all that substantial, but then I’m not exactly well versed in Kakarot. Maybe having access to SSGSS form will break the main game and give users an easier time dealing with the hidden boss. Then again, it seems the base Kakarot game is fairly easy anyway, so it’s hard to say.

It would be nice if Dragon Ball Super content was incorporated into the game’s story, but that appears to have been relegated for a potential sequel. Other than these neat little transformations, there’s nothing else to do with Super. Fans weren’t exactly pleased with the first round of DLC, but there’s a chance this second pack does more justice to the hype that Dragon Ball can bring.

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