Left 4 Dead’s New DLC Had Over 60,000 Concurrent Players Yesterday

Left 4 Dead 2  may be 11 years old, but that doesn’t mean that it’s been forgotten. After the recent launch of its brand new Last Stand community update — its first expansion in a whopping eight years — Valve’s iconic survival shooter managed to amass over 60,000 concurrent players at its peak yesterday.

Back in 2009, this was the zombie experience that everyone wanted. The game was so memorable that, even ten years later, many people struggle to think of a co-op zombie shooter on par with it. The ability to not only play as a zombie, but also use their absurd — yet weirdly appropriate — powers against the survivors made skulking through Left 4 Dead 2’s murky depths as an undead monstrosity just as enjoyable as peering through the traditional scope of a shooter.

However, there’s nothing that beats the original experience, which is probably why seeing a major Left 4 Dead 2 expansion 11 years later is so enticing. The impact of this is evidenced by the fact that over 60,000 people jumped into the community-created (and Valve-supported) update as soon as it launched yesterday.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise when you consider the immense scale of the update. There are 26 new maps, four new scavenge arenas, new melee weapons, 30 new achievements, and a whole new ending to the campaign. Previously, the main story culminated in a no-win scenario that had you fight until you ran out of ammo — kind of like Halo: Reach. Now, however, there is finally a way to usher your group to safety — you’re just going to have to go through a frankly immense horde of zombies to do it.

Left 4 Dead 2 is something of a legend at this point. When you mention zombies, tanks, and witches in the same breath. there’s pretty much only one thing you could possibly be talking about. The Last Stand update certainly breathes new life into a game that has already fostered fond memories in thousands of players. There may not be any major changes to the story, characters, or core gameplay, but The Last Stand may as well be Left 4 Dead 3 with the sheer amount of content it brings. Suddenly the thought of hearing a crying girl is giving us harrowing feelings of dread all over again… And we’re loving it.

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