Lonesome Village: Chapter 1 Walkthrough

When you first begin your adventure in Lonesome Village, the game feels empty — on purpose. The residents of the village of Ubhora have been trapped in the tower that looms over town, and it’s up to you, Wes the coyote, to rescue them all and save the village from a cult. No pressure, right?

Thankfully, you take on the Tower with the power of friendship and puzzle-solving instead of brute strength. For all the puzzle solutions for the first chapter, as well as a crash-course in the game itself and the characters you meet, we’re happy to help you through Chapter One.

Getting In And Getting Started

Throughout the course of Chapter One, you’re up against nine interactive puzzles in the Tower. These are broken up by shrines, for which you’ll need to go back into the village to find an item and do some story stuff, but we’ll give you a heads-up when there’s a shrine break before we continue with the puzzles.

To start the game, your mirror tells you something bad has happened in the village, and that you ought to get up there fast. There, you see a mysterious wolf who runs north when you find him, so chase after him to arrive at your main challenge for Lonesome Village: the Tower.

Though it seems like nothing is in this room, gold shimmers across the door and ushers in a cutscene of Wes finding the magnifying glass, which will be among your trustiest tools on your adventure. Hover it over the circle in the middle of the floor to light it up, opening the door.

The lobby of each puzzle floor will have all the same features:

  • A central statue, where the residents on this floor are trapped, with a podium to put the item you'll get on each puzzle floor.
  • An elevator to the left, allowing you to quickly ascend or descend, that also has a chest for storage.
  • The puzzle rooms past the statue, where you'll complete the floor's puzzle.
  • The stairs to the right, which are always locked when you first arrive, that must be opened by gaining hearts with the villagers you're freeing.

Floor 1: Owl Challenge

This is undoubtedly the easiest puzzle you’ll face in the tower. You only goal here is using the levers to light the torches, so it’s mostly a tutorial of how this mechanic works.

When you finish it, grab the glasses that lower from the ceiling. This is your key item for the puzzle, and while it’ll be different for every animal, each puzzle has a key item.

Leave the puzzle room and put the glasses into the indent with the matching shape. Inserting the key item by the central statue in the lobby is how you finish the level and free the villager. This time, your work frees Earl, a librarian who explains that this Tower must be bested with hearts instead of by combat.

Animals Saved: Earl (Owl)

Floor 2: Pig Steps

Your goal is pulling the three levers around the room for this puzzle. They’re located in the top right, top left, and bottom left corners of the room. Unfortunately for you, the floor is more gap than actual flooring. Falling off platforms in these puzzles won’t kill Wes — it simply resets you back to the beginning of the room for now.

The room for this puzzle is dark, but thankfully, there are clusters of fairies around the room that show you the ground under them, so it helps give a rough idea of the shape of the floor. They follow you for a moment before they disappear, so make use of them to navigate.

Animals Saved: Benji, Rita, and Choppy (Pigs)

Shrine Floor 1

For this shrine, head to Earl’s house, the librarian owl over in East Village. He asks for five twigs, and, in exchange, will make you your first fishing rod.

Take the rod to the dock at the lake to go fishing. Cast the line, then when the bobber goes under, reel in your catch. Fresh catch in hand, go back to the tower.

Floor 3: Cat Eyes

In this room, you have to use mirrors in the adjoining rooms to shine lasers into the central room.

To do this, you have to get the lasers from the side rooms through the thin passageways by pushing the oversized mirrors.

The solution for doing this in the left room is shown below.

And then the solution for the right room looks like this.

Once the lasers are both shining into the center room, use the two mirrors there to fire the laser into the eyes for your key item.

Animals Saved: Catniss and Yoko (Cats)

Floor 4: Cow Match

There are three pedestals in this room that each feature a puzzle wherein you must completely cover the highlighted shape by sliding the colorful pieces around the board.

It’s relatively straightforward, so long as you leave yourself enough space to slide, since you’re not able to pick the pieces up. You must slide them around the board, so make sure you’ve left enough room to slide a piece by if you need.

First Puzzle
Second Puzzle
Third Puzzle
Animals Saved: Lola (Cow), Cricket (Chicken), and California (Fox)

Floor 5: Parrot Song

In this puzzle, the arrows around the outsides of the board will send a bird flying when clicked, and the goal here is to use the arrows to navigate one of the birds in a zig-zag pattern toward the flower spot on the board.

The arrows are pointing toward where the bird will go if it entered from the square that points the bird is coming from there.

First Puzzle
Second Puzzle
Third Puzzle
Animals Saved: Gonzo (Parrot)

Floor 6: Band Harmony

The room for this puzzle is a giant maze, in which you have to find three lost piano keys. Thankfully, walking up one hall might give you some foresight into the surrounding area in the maze, so be sure to look for paths forward like this.

The keys are in the top left, top right, and roughly two-thirds of the way down the rightmost wall.

Once you have all of them, go back to the beginning of the room and interact with a piano. This begins a Simon Says-like game of hitting the piano keys in the order shown that gives you your key item.

Animals Saved: Dorothy (Elephant) And Her Bandmates

Shrine Floor 2

Coronya suggests you’ve seen this odd shape before, and you have – it’s the toy sitting atop the fountain in the middle of Center Village. But unfortunately, without any rain to fill it up, the fountain has run dry and the toy is stuck.

To get it, you need to talk to Dorothy, who’s come to find you as you’re leaving the Tower to find her. She wants to say thanks for freeing her and her friends, a feat she rewards by giving you an instrument and teaching you a song to conjure rain.

Songs in the game, except the one you’ll get for fast traveling, must be played on the small pedestals by the object their song will affect. So, head back into Center Village and play the song in front of the fountain. Grab the toy from the fountain and go back to the shrine.

Floor 7: Panda's Wish

As soon as you enter the room, you see a series of levers, stairs, and bridges. As you may expect, pulling the levers change which direction the bridges and stairs are facing, and alter the way Wes is able to go.

Your overall goal in here is getting to the top-right side of the room, so always keep ascension in mind as you pull the levers to change the room. Keep in mind that the lever you pull may change more than one staircase or bridge, but it will be one you can see nearby – nothing will permanently mess you up toward the top.

Once you’ve reached the top right of the room, grab your item and leave through the door.

Animals Saved: Raglan (Red Panda) And Noise (Bat)

Floor 8: Pink Unicorn

You’re faced with a series of pedestals again, and these also increase in difficulty as you soldier on.

For these, you’re tasked with getting a laser across the board and over to a unicorn horn on the opposite side, but the trick is that the laser has to go through each arrow or the path won’t be valid.

Click the arrows to change their direction. You can tell which ones are being activated by the laser, as they’ll be colorful instead of gray.

First Puzzle
Second Puzzle
Third Puzzle
Animals Saved: Candy (Unicorn)

Floor 9: Beaver River

Your final puzzle for this chapter has you controlling the water flow in the room to make the water go through the tiny light bulb mills. This is done by using the levers to manipulate the flow by moving the green pieces around, either sliding them or raising small, triangle-shaped dams.

The first puzzle is straightforward enough — simply pull each lever once.

The second puzzle is a bit more convoluted. The section on the left can be solved by going from top to bottom along the left set of levers, pulling each one once. The right side, however, need to be pulled in a specific order. If the one toward the top of the room is 1 and the one toward the bottom is 5, the order to pull them in is: 3, 1, 4, 2, 5.

Animals Saved: Justin (Beaver)

Shrine Floor 3

While you’re given the task to locate the items for the third shrine in Chapter One, actually finding the items occurs in Chapter Two. For now, leave the Tower and go to the west side of the Forest.

NPCs Met In Chapter 1

Slowly but surely as you climb the Tower, Ubhora begins to see life again. When the villagers are freed, they return to their homes where they can be spoken to for friendship quests. And with hearts how you continue unlocking new floors of the Tower, making friends is a necessity. Among these characters are several important NPCs who run shops around town.

To befriend regular villagers, you go on quests for them, locating lost goods or satisfying cravings. Befriending villagers who run shops, however, is different. When you see these villagers, they’re always at their store (no matter the time of day), so their friendship is built by shopping with them. A bit materialistic, considering we rescued them, but they’ve got all sorts of goods you’ll quickly realize you can’t do without.

Below is a table of every villager from the Tower that you’ll have met by the end of Chapter One. Some characters are freed as a package deal with friends or family.

Name Occupation Location
Earl Librarian East Village
Benji Banker Center Village
Choppy N/A
Catniss N/A Center Village
Lola Shopkeepers – General Store Center Village
Gonzo Innkeeper Center Village
Dorothy Band West Village
The Band
Raglan Bakers – Café Forest
Candy Shopkeeper – Clothing Store West Village
Justin Shopkeeper – Carpenter Forest

Finishing Up

At the last shrine in this section, you're given two items to go find: a pyramid and a coconut. You've not been anywhere yet where you could find them, so it's time to open new sections of the map.

Justin is your ticket into Chapter Two. Head to the broken bridge on the west side of the forest, where he'll offer to fix it so that you can get into the Desert that lies beyond.

Coronya told you the pyramid would likely be in the Desert, so it's time to go gather materials for Justin's restoration project. You need ten dark logs and eight twigs.

Justin gifts you an axe, which allows you to chop down trees of any size. To do this, walk up to a tree with your axe equipped and click to use the tool. You only need to interact once before Wes gets to work chopping logs, and this area gives dark logs. This is what you need for now, but keep in mind later that different areas' trees will have different types of logs.

On the other hand, twigs can be found by shaking any trees. Without the axe in hand, approach a tree and click to interact with it. You can shake each tree three times before you need to collect its goods to make space for new stuff to fall, but each tree can be shaken infinitely.

When you have everything listed above, head back to Justin for a cutscene segue into Chapter Two.

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