Lost Ark July Update Introduces New Mage Advanced Class

Lost Ark’s Spells in Spades update arrives tomorrow, with the servers going offline at 12 AM PT. Amazon expects the servers to remain offline for four hours, but when they come back, players can expect a new class, a new Legion Raid difficulty level, new Challenge Abyssal Dungeons, and a summer event that’s a squirt gun battle royale.

First up is the Arcanist Advanced Class, a brand new mage class to go along with the Bard and Sorceress. Unlike either of those mage classes, the Arcanist uses magic-imbued cards for a wide–and somewhat random–variety of effects.

The Arcanist has three general skill categories. Normal skills will help build a special card meter that once full allows the Arcanist to draw a random card from the deck. The Arcanist can store up to two cards at once, and all cards have a significantly beneficial effect, from massive AOE damage to buffs that improve movement speed and skill cooldown.

The other two skills interact for equally explosive effects. Stacking Skills can be stacked up to four times, while Ruin Skills use up those stacks to enhance their potency. There’s also two Class Engravings that can further improve the Arcanists’ damage, card meter gain, and add powerful Emperor Cards to the deck.

Spells in Spades is also adding a fun limited-time event that lets players celebrate the summer in style. The Water Pop Arena is a PvP arena where everyone is armed with water guns. The idea is to knock other players into the water in a wet and wild battle royale shootout. There’s also a bunch of new summer-themed cosmetics that show off that rockin’ bod or let you get around on the back of a colorful hermit crab.

There’s also new Inferno Difficulty for Legion Raids, the new weekly Abyssal Dungeons, a new daily reward track, and new Mokoko Challenge replacing the previous Welcome Challenge. You can take a look at all the new changes in Spells in Spades on the Lost Ark site, and review the Arcanist’s full kit here.

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