Lost Judgment Includes A Playable Master System

New gameplay footage from Lost Judgment features a playable Master System that includes at least two classic games.

Lost Judgment is the sequel to Yakuza spinoff Judgment slated to arrive this September. With its release date inching ever closer, more and more details about the title are being revealed. An eight-minute video posted to Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s YouTube channel includes an array of new stuff, with perhaps the coolest reveal being the playable Sega Master System waiting for you in Takayuki Yagami’s office.

The moment the Master System is discovered can be found at the four-minute mark in the video below. Whether your Japanese is up to snuff or not, the words pinball and Master System can be heard pretty clearly. That’s because the retro console is sitting in the same place a pinball machine once stood in the original game.

The footage then shows the Master System in use. Alex Kidd in Miracle World is shown along with Penguin Land. Whether there will be more Master System games available via the in-game virtual console isn’t mentioned. Two iconic games within one brand new one is pretty cool though and certainly better than nothing. Not to mention Sonic the Fighters which can also be played in Lost Judgment via a virtual arcade cabinet.

The inclusion of Alex Kidd in Lost Judgment marks the second way the classic Sega game is returning to consoles in 2021. Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX is a remake of the original sidescroller that will also include a playable version of the original game. You can check out our preview of the remake right now and pick up a copy for yourself later this month.

Sega is no stranger to putting older games inside of newer games in the Yakuza series and its spinoffs. Virtua Fighter 2, Puyo-Puyo, and Fantasy Zone are just some of the games that have reared their heads in Yakuza games in the past. So far the Master System and Sonic the Fighters have been revealed in Lost Judgment, and they might not be the only Sega stalwarts making surprise appearances in the sequel.

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