Loverwatch Is Almost Definitely Teasing A Proper Overwatch Dating Sim

Valentine's Day has come to Overwatch, bringing new loot and even a revamped version of Deathmatch. But this year, the day is being marked outside of the game itself, with the launch of an Overwatch dating sim. Yes, really.

Loverwatch went live yesterday, but much to the disappointment of fans, there are only two candidates: Mercy and Genji. However, some of the dialogue in the game strongly suggests that this won't always be the case, with Loverwatch just testing the waters and making way for a proper Overwatch dating game, with a much bigger cast.

As soon as you boot up Loverwatch, it's clear that this isn't a 100% serious dating sim – but it's one that knows its fans incredibly well.

When you get to the point of picking your love interest, you have the option to ask the game why you have to pick between Mercy and Genji, because of course, the devs knew we'd be wondering that. However, while it confirms that there is not a secret third option, the response you get pretty much confirms that the Overwatch team is thinking about developing a fully-fledged Overwatch dating sim.

"Two options are plenty for now," says the game's narrator. "Maybe we'll add more dating sim opportunities in the future."

The dialogue continues, hinting that Loverwatch is just the beginning. "We're not saying this is some kind of test version of a potentially more robust dating adventure… but we're also not not saying that."

In other words, yes, this is a test to see how we like the idea of an Overwatch dating sim. So if you were disappointed that the love of your life isn't romanceable this time around, then hang in there – more routes could be added soon.

If you give Loverwatch a go, it's certainly worth going with the most awkward dialogue choices at first, since you get some gloriously fourth-wall-breaking responses such as this. For example, if you keep asking why the game insists on being regarded as "non canon", the writers admit that they don't want fans rushing off to edit the character wikis based on the information revealed in the game. So alas, Hanzo didn't have a stint as a matchmaker, trying to help his brother find love.

As for who could be added next, we'll have to wait and see. When you ask the game why there aren't any other characters available, it automatically generates a suggestion for you. I got Bob, which would definitely make for an interesting path in the game. We'll just have to wait and see how far the writers are willing to take this. Although if Blizzard wants to please its fans, very few characters are off the table. We're a weird bunch, it has to be said.

Loverwatch can be played on your browser right now, available for a limited time.

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