Magic: The Gathering Pulls The Willy Off Latest Card

Earlier this week, Magic: The Gathering surprised us with a dick. Although some Magic cards certainly look like they could be the cover of a pornographic romance novel, Wizards of the Coast has traditionally shied away from full-frontal nudity in its trading card game, which made it all the more shocking when the recently revealed Secret Lair superdrop featured a naked phallus.

The phallus in question could be seen on the new art for Stonecoil Serpent as drawn by Laynes, who decided that the serpent would be better represented as a collection of magical junk all strung together. It's all very metal, with a skull for a head, tentacles and spikes found throughout, and the unfortunate remains of Tevor the Pedantic right in the middle of the card.

For some reason, Tevor is naked and impaled on a spike. You can only make out the faintest outline, but Magic fans were quick to zoom in on what was very clearly a cock.

It was initially assumed that Secret Lair cards didn't have to be rated T-for-teen because they're not being directly marketed to children, but no, even Secret Lairs must follow the same artistic rules as every other Magic product. It seems like the Stonecoil's diminutive serpent just managed to sneak past Wizards' magical wards against nudity. As such, Wizards of the Coast has addressed the controversial card with an update that removes both Tevor and his dangly bits.

"The initial art posted for the card Stonecoil Serpent in the Ssssssnakessssss Secret Lair drop contained an error that is not reflective of the final product that customers will receive," wrote Wizards. "This art, found on both the regular and traditional foil drops, has been updated on the Secret Lair website and will be reflected in the final product."

It could be that Wizards is manually checking over each Secret Lair printing as the company warns some pre-orders might receive shipping or billing delays. This means it's possible that the original art may somehow find its way to one very lucky player and go on to become one of the most lucrative misprints in Magic history.

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