Magic: The Gathering – The 10 Best Charms

In Magic The Gathering, oftentimes there are cycles of cards that have a similar theme to each other, generally with the same kinds of effects. One of these cycles is the charms.

Charms are generally multicolored, and usually named after popular factions in multicolored sets, such as Ravnica's Izzet, Alara's Esper, and New Capenna's Obscura. Costing two or three mana, Charms are instants that have three different modes that you can choose from, giving them a versatility that makes them staples across many formats.

10 Simic Charm

Simic Charm is an excellent combat trick, as well as a way to maintain tempo while protecting your own creatures. Its first mode allows you to give a creature +3/+3, allowing it to ensure it wins a battle or potentially pumping up a creature to swing and take a win.

Alternatively, it can give all your permanents hexproof, allowing for protection from a mass targeting spell.

Finally, it can return any creature to its owner's hand, which can be used offensively or defensively: It can bring a creature prone to destruction back into your hand to recast or set the opponent back by returning one of their own creatures to hand, forcing them to waste their mana on recasting it.

9 Jeskai Charm

Jeskai Charm is a mixture of a tempo card that can also be used as a game closer. Its first option can return any creature to the top of its owner's library, which can be used to set the opponent back, as not only are they losing the chance to draw something they need instead, they will lose out on the mana they use to recast that creature next turn.

Jeskai Charm can also be used to deal four damage to an opponent. In a format with 20 starting life, this can be used to close out the game if you draw into it late. You can even use it in a creature-focused deck, as its last mode gives all creatures +1/+1 and lifelink to swing for damage while gaining you a lot of life.

8 Grixis Charm

Grixis Charm is similar to Jeskai Charm in many ways, and offers a more aggressive flavor of Charm. It can return any permanent to its owner's hand, allowing for a more versatile ability than other Charms that can only target creatures. It can also be used as a removal spell that gets around indestructibility by giving any creature -4/-4 until the end of the turn.

Grixis Charm's weakest ability is still useful when swinging in for lethal, as it will give all creatures you control +2/+0. If the opponent doesn't block, Grixis Charm can make for a massive surprise burst of damage.

7 Golgari Charm

Golgari Charm, while not a huge staple in constructed 60-card formats, is a fantastic choice for Commander decks that run Golgari (green/black) colors. Its three effects are most relevant in Commander, as there are many low toughness creatures used in the format, allowing for the ability to give all creatures -1/-1 to sweep the field to really shine.

It can protect your entire board from a field wipe, thanks to letting you regenerate all creatures you control to ensure they aren't destroyed by it.

Finally, it can destroy any target enchantment, which while not as impactful, can get rid of a problematic card in a pinch.

6 Temur Charm

Temur Charm is one of the better offensive Charms in the game. It can be used as a form of removal by making a creature fight another, while giving your creature +1/+1 in the process. Alternatively, it can prevent any creature with less than three power from being able to block, eliminating the possibility to use small creatures to chump block big ones.

Temur Charm's main defense comes with its ability to counter any spell if the opponent can't pay three additional mana. Temur Charm comes with a lot of versatility as each of its modes is relevant for a different point in the game over the course of a game, resulting in it never feeling bad if you draw it.

5 Obscura Charm

Obscura Charm is a fantastic Charm to include in any deck that runs multi-colored permanents with low mana costs. It's in Esper (white/blue/black) colors, and can bring any multicolored permanent with mana value three or less to the battlefield tapped. Since Obscura Charm is an instant, you can do this during an opponent's end step to ensure it untaps when your turn begins.

Obscura Charm can be used defensively, as it can counter an instant or sorcery spell, or destroy a creature or planeswalker with mana value three or less. This gives Obscura Charm a lot of versatility, so long as you have the mana to cast it.

4 Riveteers Charm

Riveteers Charm is a fantastic Charm from Streets of New Capenna that works to boost your play forward, or slow your opponents down. Riveteers Charm can hinder your opponent by making them sacrifice the creature or planeswalker with the highest mana cost that they control. Alternatively, it can exile any player's graveyard, to shut down graveyard-based strategies.

Riveteers Charm can also help you with impulsive drawing, as it can exile the top three cards of your library and allow you to play them until your next end step. Since Riveteers Charm is an instant, this can be done on your opponent's turn to give you three extra cards to play with when you begin your turn.

3 Izzet Charm

Izzet Charm slots perfectly into just about any Izzet (red/blue) deck as it does what Izzet decks generally want to be doing, all for two mana. Izzet Charm can counter any noncreature spell so long as the opponent doesn't pay two additional mana. It can also deal two damage to any creature, giving it a handy, if expensive, option of removal.

Izzet Charm also lets you draw two cards and discard two cards. Many popular Izzet decks want their cards in the graveyard for mechanics like flashback, and this allows you to send them there while drawing replacement cards for them.

2 Archmage's Charm

Archmage's Charm is one of the few Charms in the game that's monocolored, and is a fantastic one at that. Archmage's Charm slots into just about every control deck that runs blue, which most tend to do. One of its modes allows you to take control of any nonland permanent with mana value one or less, which while not common, can come in handy in a pinch (especially in formats like Commander, where Sol Ring and other cheap mana rocks are legal).

Archmage's Charm's more prominent effects come from its ability to counter any spell, or let you draw two cards for no downside. Archmage's Charm is a fantastic reason to keep mana up, and all of its modes can be useful over the course of a match.

1 Boros Charm

Boros Charm is one of the most played Charms, as it has a lot of versatility for multiple playstyles. It can deal four damage to any player or planeswalker, which makes it a fantastic slot in burn decks since it's so easy to cast.

Boros Charm can also protect all of your permanents, as it can make them all indestructible until the end of the turn, keeping them safe from board wipes or combat destruction.

Boros Charm can also give any creature double strike, ensuring it can win a fight or even swing in for lethal damage if its power is high enough.

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