Mario Fans Think The Super Bowl Movie Ad Features A Super Show Voice Actor

Nintendo and Illumination really got the hype train for The Super Mario Bros. Movie moving ahead of the Super Bowl by debuting a new trailer for the film. An ad for Mario and Luigi's plumbing business with the rap from the Super Mario Super Show. A trailer that also appears to include a pretty special cameo from Princess Toadstool.

The ad shows Mario and Luigi fixing a customer's pipes as her sink overflows. The unnamed customer then thanks the brothers as she clumsily reads from cue cards behind the camera. If the customer's voice sounds familiar, that's because it appears to be the same person who voiced Princess Toadstool in Super Show.

Princess Toadstool was voiced by Jeannie Elias in the show, and if you recall what the character sounded like, you'll hear the similarity in her voice and the voice of the customer in the new ad. If you never watched Super Show, you can give Elias as Toadstool a listen in the video below and compare it to the one in the ad and judge for yourself.

Most fans appear to agree it is almost definitely Elias, especially since the actor still does voicework to this day. Neither Elias nor anyone involved in putting the trailer together has officially confirmed it to be her at the time of typing this, though. Since the character might not make an appearance in the full movie, and may never appear anywhere in its universe again, it might be something that is never officially confirmed.

After you're done deciding whether the character is Princess Toadstool or not, you can give the number she reads out at the end of the ad a call. You'll be greeted by a recording of Charlie Day's Luigi asking you to leave a message detailing what you need from him and Mario. The movie hits cinemas on April 7 and will be available on Netflix for those who don't fancy leaving the house to see it in October.

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