Marvel Snap: The 10 Best Cards For A KaZoo Deck

Marvel Snap includes many locations and characters from Marvel Comics. One of these is the Savage Land – a familiar location to long-time fans. Hidden away in Antarctica, dinosaurs roam this tropical paradise lost to time. But the mightiest being in the Savage Land is its human protector: Ka-Zar!

Ka-Zar has been a popular card since Marvel Snap’s release due to his powerful ability to add power to 1-Cost Cards. Decks built around Ka-Zar feature a menagerie of low cost cards, and so they’ve come to be called Ka-Zar Zoo decks, or KaZoo for short.

1/10 Ka-Zar

The most important card in any KaZoo deck is, obviously, Ka-Zar himself. At a cost of four energy, the loincloth-clad king of the Savage Land increases every 1-Cost card on your side of the board by +1 Power.

This means your strategy will be to fill your locations with as many 1-Cost cards as possible to maximize Ka-Zar’s boost. Almost every other card in the deck will seek either to take advantage of Ka-Zar’s ability, protect it, or amplify it. Thankfully, Marvel Snap has a wide array of useful 1-Cost cards to choose from.

2/10 Squirrel Girl

The ever-chipper Squirrel Girl is a must-play for any Ka-Zoo deck. By spawning 1-Cost Squirrels at each other location, playing Squirrel Girl gives Ka-Zar three targets to boost. That’s a great value: a potential total of six power for just one energy.

Although you can play Squirrel Girl as early as Turn 1, she can be held for Turn 6 to keep opponents guessing and prevent destruction at the hands of Killmonger, whose ability to destroy all 1-Cost cards is a Ka-Zoo deck’s biggest threat.

3/10 Armor

The aforementioned Killmonger is a major thorn in the paws of Ka-Zar’s entire zoo. One of the best ways to prevent at least some of your 1-Cost cards from Killmonger’s destruction is by including Armor in your KaZoo deck. This 2-Cost X-Man will protect all cards at one location (including your opponent’s) from destruction.

Armor is a solid inclusion in most decks, helping to mitigate the threat of both enemies and locations with the potential to destroy your most important cards. As an added bonus, you can play Armor to trip up an enemy whose strategy depends on destroying their own cards

4/10 Blue Marvel

Rather than boosting only 1-Cost cards, Blue Marvel adds +1 Power to every card on your side of the board. With the expectation that you’ll be filling up all three of your locations by match’s end, it’s never a bad idea to include Blue Marvel in a KaZoo build.

Though you’ll acquire him early in your Marvel Snap collection, he remains a strong Turn 5 play, even at later collection levels. Played in concert, Blue Marvel and Ka-Zar have the potential to spread quite a bit of power across all locations.

5/10 Iceman/Sunspot

Iceman and Sunspot are some of Marvel Snap’s most frequently played cards. That’s because they work as opening plays in almost any deck. No strategy is perfect, so you’ll inevitably end up with excess energy. Sunspot soaks that up to prevent it from being wasted.

Iceman, meanwhile, can throw a wrench (or an icicle) into your opponent’s strategy early on by adding +1 Cost to a random card in their hand. As 1-Cost cards themselves, Iceman and Sunspot will both take advantage of Ka-Zar’s boost.

6/10 Cosmo

One of the game’s most popular tech cards, Cosmo can completely shut down an opponent’s strategy by preventing all on-reveal abilities at one location. Cosmo, Ka-Zar, and many other cards featured in a KaZoo deck have ongoing abilities – not on-reveal – so this telepathic Russian space dog is a great way to disrupt your opponent’s game without accidentally hampering your own. Just be sure not to forget where you played him!

A well-placed Cosmo can often mean a satisfying instant retreat from an annoyed opponent. Try playing him opposite Wong, and you’ll see what we mean!

7/10 Ant-Man

Another popular 1-Cost option, Ant-Man is mainstay in a KaZoo build. With this deck, your locations won’t have a lot of extra room to spare. Good thing Ant-Man can fit just about anywhere!

More likely than not, you’ll see your locations completely filled, and so you’ll almost always be able to take advantage of his ability. Having him in a full location turns his one Power into power, and Ka-Zar makes five. That’s another great value in a single energy play.

8/10 Dracula/The Infinaut

Hear us out on this one. The biggest downside to a traditional KaZoo deck is the lack of a big late game play to clinch a key location. Right now, one of the most popular variants of a KaZoo deck solves this problem through the inclusion of Dracula and The Infinaut.

At the end of the game, Dracula discards a random card in your hand and takes on its Power. In a KaZoo deck, it’s easy to get all of your 1-Cost cards out of your hand and onto the board, so the only card left for Dracula to discard will be the 20-Power Infinaut. As Dracula’s ability triggers only after the final turn ends, you’ll almost always have the last say with this combo.

9/10 Onslaught

A more traditional finisher, Onslaught is always a great option in a KaZoo deck. This X-Men villain doubles all of your Ongoing abilities at a single location. That means both Ka-Zar and Blue Marvel’s +1 boosts become +2!

Playing these three on turns four through six, is a simple strategy that will quickly pump your entire board’s power right past your opponent’s. Just make sure you leave a location open to take advantage of the full combo, and watch out for Enchantress, who can remove all of their Ongoing abilities at once.

10/10 Zero/Red Skull

Here’s another combo that seems a little out there, but can also be added to a KaZoo build to solve the late-game power conundrum. At 15 Power, Red Skull is a huge 5-Cost play. But in exchange, he’ll increase every enemy card at his location by +2. To prevent this potential eight power gift to your opponent, Zero can remove Red Skull’s ability, allowing you to enjoy the power total without the downside.

Plus, Zero is another 1-Cost card for Ka-Zar to take advantage of. Played alongside the Dracula/Infinaut combo, Red Skull can act as an alternative Dracula target. And if you can get both Red Skull and Dracula on the board, two locations will likely be yours.

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