Marvel Snap’s Silver Surfer Sparks Discussion On Which Cards Need Nerfing

Winner of Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards 2022, Marvel Snap has been winning players with its accessible yet deep mechanics, recognisable characters, and smooth gameplay. But as players ascend the ranks, boosting their collection level, and facing more higher level opponents, many are finding that some cards give an undue advantage.

Hard to counter and providing such a boost to power, one card kick-started a Reddit discussion of which cards could do with nerfing. This was Silver Surfer, which costs 3, and has zero power, but this guy gives +3 power to all the player's 3-cost cards that have been played. Combining it with Brood, which drops three cards, gives the player +6 power when Silver Surfer does his thing. If the card is activated again, with Odin, and/or doubled again with Wong, and it's +3 on a seemingly almost infinite scale. "Every other card with similar effects give +1/+2. Am I missing something?" the OP asks.

"I tried running a surfer deck before I got brood, and it worked ok but nothing wild," another player chimed in. "Brood changed it completely for me. Without Brood surfer would barely be competitive. If you manage to wong/surfer a brood lane that's almost always an instant lane win, and you can even add another 3 drop in if you feel it'll be contested." Yes, this is one of Snap's most powerful combos and plays.

Among the higher collection levels, players are also netting many cubes using destroy decks and taking advantage of Dracula and Morbius. Dracula is a 4-cost card and has zero power. But its great strength is that at the end of the game, it discards a card from your hand, and gains this card's power. This means if you have an Infinaut at the end, you're gaining a massive +20 power as Dracula assumes the card's power. And there's nothing players can do about it. Since it's neither a 'Reveal' ability nor an 'Ongoing' one, but innate to the card, it cannot be countered.

Morbius meanwhile costs only 2 and while it has zero power, it's ongoing ability is that it gains +2 power each time a card is discarded from a game. Combining it with the likes of destroy cards such as Colleen Wing, Blade, and Lady Sif, and cards that gain from being destroyed, such as Apocalypse, or ones that bring them back, like Ghost Rider or Hela, makes a very powerful deck. With Dracula also in your hand, it's one tough cookie to counter.

Marvel Snap is a free-to-play mobile game, but pulling cards gets harder the higher you ascend, while pulling the card you desire can be frustrating. Of course, there's a monetary side to the game, with Second Dinner, the developers, making it so that players are able to purchase coins and cards if they part with real cash. As one commentor noted, "The biggest reason people hate surfer is because he's inaccessible for most people who didn't buy the battle pass, and losing to a card you can't play yourself sucks ass."

They continue: "Playing a deck is the best way to find its weakness, and you can't do that if you don't own the card." That's a pearl of wisdom right there. But some disagree, saying it's a matter of skill. But can it be just a skill issue when cards are not easily available to all players? Food for thought.

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