Marvel’s Avengers Next Patch Will Fix Stability Issues On PC

According to a recent announcement on Steam, Marvel’s Avengers’ next patch will aim to fix stability issues on PC.

Marvel’s Avengers has been a mixed bag for most players. On one hand, it’s outsold Tony Hawk and NBA in the UK. On the other hand, it was nearly unplayable for at least one PlayStation user and has stability issues on the PC.

Of course, no game is perfect on launch. There is always something to smooth out once players get their hands on a new game. However, some key elements are breaking for some players when they boot up the game on the PC.

For some, the game runs fine and you may not notice any problems. Others, however—like one person on the Steam patch notice—are unable to play the game because they are too busy falling through the map instead of being a superhero. While the devs try to figure out why that person is falling through the map, they have at least addressed some of the game’s other issues. You will now be able to reliably throw rocks as the Hulk and shoot lasers as Iron Man, which is nice.

Additionally, you will also be able to save the game to the Steam Cloud so that you can synchronize your games across multiple computers. A driver problem that was causing crashes and other more humorous problems (like screens getting weird green and blue hues) have also been fixed. The game’s most recent notice also mentions that the team is aware of other issues and are working to correct those.

Some of our criticisms are tongue-in-cheek and, as we said, are common among new releases. Minor issues, bugs, and glitches are bound to happen. Even if they are massive, like the server breaking glitch in Warzone, it’s not going to deter the community from playing the game—nor should it. However, we are concerned that the game might be trying to do too much too quickly. Time will tell what happens with Avengers, but we hope that it’s all good news.

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